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CODZ game-Biggest pet peeves with randoms

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Randoms are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get.

Randoms are unpredictable, randoms are full of surprises. Randoms can be great, randoms can be disastrous. Randoms often do things we hate, randoms often do things we really hate.

Here is a game in which we list our biggest pet peeves with randoms.

In no particular importance:

1. Singing or music on the Mic- if you abuse the privilege to be listened to, you will be muted.

2. Asking me to open doors simply because I have more points-I am very points conscious but not points selfish. I will contribute with points but not on your terms.

3. Ask me to cooperate with your glitch-I do not mind you as long as you do not interfere. But I will not go the extra mile for you.

4. Ask me to do the EE after the game started- Tell me in advance if you expect more than the ordinary cooperation.

5. Hold the crawler early and often- I can be more lenient on need basis but not so you can recycle ray gun every round starting on 10. Especially that I rarely use the box.

6. Ask personal questions-this also extends to stupid questions. I understand the need to keep communication and interaction, but fill in the blanks with jokes and fun facts, not why I prefer Tupac over Biggie smalls.

7. Play commander in chief- unless you are way or we are doing challenges, try not to be too instructive. Jay do this and Jay do that will not go too well with me. Different story once we become friends.

8. Quit the game for no apparent reason-back in BO1 I hated when hosts would end game and restart, followed by end game and restart for no reason. In BO2 you are just as evil if you are the host, no movement for three rounds, then quit the game.

9. Follow me around furiously-Stop following me. Stop following me. Stop following me.

10. My biggest pet peeve, Kill thieves-zombies in the general vicinity are fair game. But if you are at window A and I'm guarding window B and you toss a grenade to my window without my invitation then you are a schmuck. You deserve to be castrated and forced to eat donkey poo.

Here are actions others frown upon but are acceptable by me.

1. No Mic-to me it is optional, not required.

2. Rage quitting- Shit happens. These are randoms to you therefore not expected to grind through.

3. Immature-I can't complain about you being 12 when I act like one.

4. Discriminate based on rank-Hell, I do it too.

5. Not wanting to play together-some days I just want to camp alone.

Thanks for reading, thanks for playing.

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9. Follow me around furiously-Stop following me. Stop following me. Stop following me.

Get out of here! Can't you see we don't want you anymore? Why can't you go back where you came from. Now, leave us alone! Go.

11. Calling out hold a zombie, never thinks to hold a zombie their selves.

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You pretty much covered it. But... my biggest peeve is when people take the shovel in origins. Jk... its annoying but o well. I used to hate it when the game started and someone picked up a mk14 right off the back and just killed zombies with that... come on be a team player and get some points

You have to want it more, be aware of where you spawned and be ready to mash sprint lol. I don't know about you BS, but im shoveled out. I haven't even been picking it up lately after combing the map for mounds all those days.

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You forgot the mystery box cult!

It's a little known fact that all randoms worship the mystery box. That's why they can't function without it and have to pay regular sacrifices of all of their points to it.

Don't get me wrong here. I would much rather have a gun I can work with than no gun and jug. I'd take a Five-seven over jug in the first 10 rounds any day. But the problem with randoms doing it is that they can't function without jug. They blow their money, go down, bleed out, and are useless for the rest of the game, unable to recover. Like damn son. If you know you can't survive without jug, BUY SOME DAMN JUG!

That's the main thing that pisses me off.

Another thing is glitchers. I HATE them. Sure glitching with your friends is fun (not that I ever do it). Sure it is used to get on the leader board unfairly, but I honestly don't care about that. It's just so boring to go down and have someone refuse to leave their glitch to pick you up. Even worse is having to spectate them for the rest of the round. It's worse in grief because you spectate the enemy sometimes. That's when I want to throw an infant at a wall.

But honestly most randoms aren't bad. It just seems that way because we only take note of the bad ones. It's like why people think call of duty is only played by 10 year olds. If you actually go into a lobby chances are there are no squeakers. You might come across one every few lobbies but they seem like they're everywhere because you only notice the bad players and not the good ones.

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All of the above, the box whores piss me off the most as they always want to get a different gun at the end off each round. I usually go hunting and kill the crawler or walkers to start the next round. :twisted:

Another thing that gets me riled up is when you start a game and you get to round ten and they have to either go have dinner or go to bed, that is why l never play with squeakers. I can live with fact their balls haven't dropped yet, and they can be entertaining at times, but in the end they always have to turn their xbox off when mummy tells them its bedtime!

Is it just me or is Black Ops II more for solo players than Co-op? I used to love playing with randoms on the first black ops, but cant stand it now!

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Randoms who insist heavily on waiting for the perfect timing for certain drops. I can understand not grabbing two nukes or Insta-Kills if they both appear at the same time, but I am not going to stand around while baiting a horde for a Max Ammo drop just because you want to make sure that you get those 20 extra bullets in your weapon.

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The thing I hate the most are the people who stay in the lobby and don't do anything. Like the people who are distracted/away from their console. Seriously, is it THAT hard to back out of the lobby when you're busy with something else? All this leads to are lobbies full of inactive people or games with an inactive player.

Another thing I hate are the randoms who don't seem to know what perks are. They'll just go and buy weapons and think that they're totally okay with only a Mauser/M1911, the M14 and that's it. INVEST IN PERKS, DAMMIT.

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I hate quitters. You can be the worst player imaginable, but if you stick to the game, I'll respect you more than even the best player.

I was once like that. I remember playing Der Riese, and I was relatively new to first-person shooters. I loved Zombies, but my skill level lacked a bit. I got to Round 32 with another guy, and I kept going down. But no matter what, I'd keep trying. We began to run laps around the whole place, and I'd just buy a Type 100 off the wall every time I came back and just try to keep up with him. Best mic-less player ever. People think that they can never get back into the game after losing everything. They simply don't even try.

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My biggest pet peeves (and there will be repeats with others on this thread I'm sure) are:

10: "sleepers", those people that inhabit lobbies in pairs and never ready up, or the occasional lone guy that never readies up, but gets forced in by the other three players, and never moves. If you have to go, turn off your xbox, or dashboard, or at least back out of the lobby, don't just sit there and keep getting sent into game after game.

9: "420 fans" I don't care if you smoke pot in your free time, or if you think it makes zombies better, I may not approve, but it isn't my right to tell you off like you probably deserve. No, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the late week night people you find who feel the need to talk about smoking pot, who keep asking if you smoke pot, who won't revive you because they were too busy freaking on something while high, or who take 15 minute breaks to go smoke.

8: "Ignorance" When you grow up taking accelerated educational programs and still falling asleep in school you learn that sometimes people don't absorb information as quickly as you do, however I'm talking about the guy that still believes that diving on top of someone in that corner of the spawn in Kino results in more drops. I get annoyed and frustrated with people who I have to explain something to multiple times in a row. I played with a random who was surprised 3 times in a row to hear that you can use the Sheild as a melee for getting the tacticals on Origins. That same random used the Maxis drone 5 times to grab the MG08 Discs around the map because he was insistant that there was a certain order they must be grabbed in, and wouldn't take the last one until we powered all the generators because he "knew" the power was supposed to be on. For funsies I'll let you know he got rid of the PaPed MG08 a little bit later because it was round 9 and he wanted a weapon for getting points.

7: "point planners" I dislike those people who will refuse to open doors and will instead point at you and tell you to open the door. If they have a mic, I can tell them why they're wrong. When they don't I let them down a few times whilst running my horde over them in spawn. One thing I haven't understood yet, is why everyone jumps on the person with the most points to buy the first door. That is the cheapest door. Make the guy in the lead to grab the 3rd or 4th door. I mean really. I'm not refusing to buy the 1st door because I'm selfish. I plan to grab the next door, or the door after that, when the price is significantly higher.

6: "self centered" I dislike people who seem to forget that they are playing with others, and who focus solely on themselves. It is the worst with Origins, because there are so many things that are many times easier with cooperation. For example, filling the chests with souls. I can't tell you how many times I was filling up a chest to see a random run by, and start massively killing endless numbers of zombies just outside the range of the chest I was at. Really? You were watching me a moment ago, you know what I'm doing. Come 5 feet this way and kill all you like! On other maps, it isn't as prevelant, but peoplle who use the teleporter in Kino without waiting for others, people whp activate traps without thinking about the 2 or 3 teammates following behind them, or just people that come to a dead stop in the middle of a narrow doorway to shoot at zombies, leaving their teammates stuck behind them desperately spraying at the zombies closing in.

5: "discriminators" I dislike people that leave when they are the only skull in a shotgun lobby. I dislike people that leave when they are the only shotgun in a skull lobby. I dislike people that leave when not every single player is chatting loudly on the mic. I dislike those that automatically mute the youngest player's mic, or just leave. come on people. Give different things a chance. If I have to say one positive thing about them, it's that I'm glad they left, because I doubt we would have gotten along if they had stayed.

4: "my way" I dislike people that come in and state "we're going this way. I'm getting the lightning staff. I'll take the MG08" While grabbing a shovel. I don't mind you having a plan or a preference. But ask first. Or if you're going to insist that you get a particular staff, don't ask for the MG08 as well. Don't take a shovel. Let other people get some of the awesome free stuff too, if you want to stand your ground on getting a specific staff. Be cooperative. Give and Take. Notice that "Give" is first...

3: "american Idol" Please. Don't constantly sing in the mic, or play loud music in the background, or do whatever your doing that is consistantly making that terrible noise. I've brought it up twice now, either stop it, mute your mic, or I'll do it for you. Don't be upset when I can't hear that you desperately want a crawler, or are telling me your exact location for a revive. A little melody here and there isn't awful, but when you're always screeching, and I can't hear myself think, and I've told you to quiet down, then it's awful.

2: "Kill stealers" Yes this was on my list. I don't really see kills out in the open past round 10 or so as anyone's owned zombies, but round 1, when the map has 4 enterances and 4 players, there is a reason for that. People that deicde to just tear through your horde are dicks, but they aren't as bad as those kill stealers from the first few rounds. I mean, it isn't exactly a good first impression.

1: "Glitchers" I will do everything in my power to ruin your glitch, and if I am really pissed, your xbox experience for the next 24 hours. I will not participate. I will not sit there an watch as the dogs just pile in front of you in Kino. No. I'll take those dogs, and lead them behind you. Then I'll report you. I'll get all the gamertags I have access to to report you in increments over the next 24 hours.

However I do have to say I've had a few good randoms, and I'm not bothered by the micless randoms as much as some, unless of course they do something from the list above.

Thanks for reading an old time lurkers posts.

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I don't appreciate when asked "do you know this" "did you know that" in a way that is questioning my knowledge of the game. It's different if you ask me what I know about something but to compare knowledge just makes me think you're feeding your lame ego, which is what I run into everytime I try randoms.

Everyone wants to be the point hoarder but doesn't want to open anything.

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Most don't realize the doors count on the leaderboard I try 2 open as many as I can but seems like everyone else fights over who isn't.

Also if you join a lobby with people not using a Mic DON'T FREAKING START RUNNING YOUR MOUTH NON-STOP LIKE A DAMN RETARD and expect everyone else to turn there Mic on to chat it up with you.

Most people don't have it on for a reason and / or don't feel like talking or they don't have one.

Drives me insane

And yes don't treat me like a noob if you don't know me or have played a game with me who are you to tell me how to play you didn't but the game for me so stop being so damn bossy

Sorry more like a rant but I feel better now thanks.

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