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  1. Happends to me way to often I only depend on them while turning on gen. Or to help filling boxes if you get a zombie blood after the boxes and gen. Are done it helps finishing rounds a lil faster but DO NOT RELY ON MONKEYS TO GET OUT OF A JAM that seems to be when they glitch is after you get down or when getting overrun when you actualy need um
  2. With the right teammates co op is easier (people that dont play like they are on solo ) but with randoms or a poor teteamplayer or a no mic game co op is going to be harder cause in this cases you are basicly playing solo wit people and a 50 50 on getting revived Solo is better for me but gets boring fast and easy to make a risky move that only ends a game so for me I say both are hard but can also be easy depends on how the game goes .
  3. Wind and I think ice entrances ( portal areas ) have two ways to get in and out where fire and lighting only have one way in or out wind area works well stay close to the center rock seperating the two entrances to the portal area and dont go past where the crystal is the walls dont go down there and it gives u a lil bit more room to run its a big circlre high rounds in crazy place can be diff. With walls down aanyway u run it it is less than half the size of having um up
  4. R102609


    I heard him say the same while on solo at least something along those lines. It was a week or so ago but I am sure was when I bought the semitex wwould be awsome if anyone found a better use for them
  5. Want to get some new ideas for a good strategy want a round 100 but my gameplay could use a lil help . And PLEASE leave buried out unless it is anything besides camping with the petrifier a.d vulture aid I need greatness please tell me what you do to get there hopefully this will not only help me but many others trying to do the same . Thanks
  6. Doubt any new perks or just adding one or so to other maps if anything would have to be wf.machine
  7. That would bring tranzit back to life it would have to be in the fort in the corn field though just to give that area of the map more playability would be nice in die rise but not so much in buried( I hate that map ) it is already way to easy And nuke town would be freakin WAY better but just my thoughts.
  8. Mk 2 is a must for this map I really dont like the boomh. All that much is a good gun just not for me ray gun 1 is good only with phd and I run the base of the dig site so I get to divebomb um For the ones that use phd where are some good areas to use the divebomb at not alot of options from what I see If you run the crazy place without staves I would rec. two paped mgo8.'s and the stg for wall ammo jug q.r. Speed m.k. And d.t. With shield that worked out great for me round 40 with no problem
  9. So guns of choice what do yall like to use myself I get either 2 pap mg08.s and a staff or either ray gun I just like the fact that you can have two mg08.s and a hammer at the same time And im bout to try that set up now
  10. The z blood from the wagon is once a round not sure if it has a liimit though
  11. So it is possible to get all nine perks at once but you would have to be insanly lucky or just have lot of time on ur hands If already posted sorry. You just need the golden shovel get z.blood and dig the glowing red dig spot they are usually not in the normal dig spots and are random as hell but u get a perk bottle and that allows you to buy an extra perk saving double tap for last makes it alot easier hope this helps anyone that may not know bout it.
  12. I have problem getting set up for a game so many doors so little time Didn't know monkey would stop panzer but I did manage to get to round 30 thanks to some friends With time I will get it though the staffs kick ass
  13. So far I have all but two clocks in transit with 7:50 on them one with 5;10 on it and the bank clock has no hands Die rise all clocks ( unless one overlooked ) are at 9:27.15 Buried only clock in courthouse it has 12:47 or 12:48 on it. I still need to do nuketown and origins as well as motd
  14. Finally home and bout to start the list as soon as I get my kids settled down I'm goin on a clock hunt will post soon guys
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