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What Guns Are Good At Round 50+?


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HMR (Headshots)

RPD (Headshots)

Ray Gun I or II (Although I'm so sick of pack a punching the freaking Ray Gun's I'm done)

Galil (Headshots)

This game is just about having powerful bullets and ammo, perks would be nice too.

Jugg, Speed Cola, Double Tap, (Electric Cherry if I'm being picky, but Mule Kick, or Deadshot)

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Having been there frequently...

Petrifier is the only thing.

Rg2 will headshot them, eventually needing several shots, the bodies will still take a heck of a beating, so feel free to let them bleed out.

The last 2 functioning bullet guns are sldg hmmr and dead specimen reactor. By 50, they are fairly pointless as well.

The lsat power drops off way before hmmr. Lsat is less jumpy, for early rounds.

Rg1 makes crawlers in the 20's and is basically crap.

SVU power drops off way before the dsr (both pap'd).

Note that the dsr can do multiple paps, one giving you iron sights, which i find makes it easier to use over the scope.

Over 50 guns with mk (since all the perks are so easy to get and keep): petrifier, rg2, whatever gun for instakill (an-94 wall buy is my uzhe). If you ditch the petrifier for guns only, i would suggest the dsr, but again, no bullet gun is really trying past 44ish.

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The SVU is easily one of the best weapons to use. I cruised to round 60 using that and the Mark II before giving up.

Did not use the Paralyzer that game myself, but I have been told that weapon alone will carry you to 100 easily before a nerf kicks in that renders it pretty much useless, so that and the buildables are your best bet.

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From what I've seen/heard the Petrifier becomes increasingly useless past round 70 or so, where it takes full or even multiple charges to kill zombies, however having infinite ammo still makes it ideal.

Otherwise, Mustang and Sally can still save you if you expend both clips at once.

The Raygun Mark 2 and SVU and AN-94 are all excellent choices.

The Voice of Justice (executioner) with Double tap 2, and Long Barrel is surprisingly effective. Still not great, but better than most. At 50 anyways.

Also I second that thought on the HAMR having too much kick. I'd rather use the LSAT or an AR.

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Buildables. Since the map has been patched they are the only way to go.

Actually found out that the Head Chopper seems to have been buffed and is still a 1-hit kill all the way up to Round 100.

Paralyzer's main use after 70 is for flying and slowing down zombies. On round 99 even a full Ray Gun Mark 2 can't take a zombie's head off with all its ammo.

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I'm seeing the HAMR get a lot of love in this thread, am I the only one that finds the HAMR to have so much recoil that it is relatively useless?  id much rather PAP the LSAT, or an-94 or galil than have the hamr spraying bullets all over the place

Well, we are talking high rounds. When the LSAT stops killing, the recoiliscious HMMR still kills. Until then, the LSAT is easier to use.

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PAP the an94, the paralyzer and the mkii ray gun, thats typically my set up. just dont be one of those people that just camp with the friggin' paralyzer the whole game. lol another thing to use is the headchopper and the trample steam. And if youre a real boss, you can even use the subsurface resonator. if yore in a solo game you can can place down the resonator, run a train then bring the train over there and place down a turbine and blow the fuc***s away! lol anyways yeah, ammo can also be an issue this late in the game. Therre's this thing with Leroy that can get you a max ammo as many times as u want in the game, i would recommend doing this at the end of every round (thats what I did). anyways what u do in case u dont know, is you go to the bank and use the galvaknuckls like youre gonna share points, then make sure leroy is close to the powerup thing, then give him candy, then presto free powerup chane

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Yes. Avoid moving the box so you don't get an extra 'drop (fire sale)' in the mix. Then you get ammo about every 6th candy.

It's annoying solo, but doable, just don't go up the steps, because the last zombie will always block them and slow you down too much, fly up to the roof instead.

Assuming zombie is babysat: Have candy, candy store door open near saloon. Bank stairs open. Paralyzer/Petrifier.

Gk the keys. Give 1100 towards $Z just before BG (big guy) gets there. Give him candy, but immediately fly up, go get candy, return as fast as possible.

See what he made it; if not Max Ammo give him candy, get more, return until it is max ammo.

This way, you don't have to keep putting money into $z, just candy, because you keep changing the same drop before it times out, which resets it's clock.

You save 1100 points per trip and the nuisance of hitting it, adding money while BG keeps getting in your face, changing the onscreen prompt to 'give candy'...which can be a pain, especially solo with a zombie who doesn't understand the terms 'personal space' nor 'alone time'.

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PAP the AN94, PAP the SVU, and then you can choose between a ray gun mark II, a ray gun mark I, HAMR PAP'd, RPD PAP'd, or the paralyzer (PAP'd of course). And make sure you have double tap and speed cola :)

I don't think the RPD is on buried is it? Which is a shame because I prefer it to the HAMR anyday. All that recloil... :P

Another good one to add to the list though is Predictive Death Wish 57000. Of whatever the PAP'd pdw is called

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