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  1. War is inevitabable. I.. I... Inevitable. Ibbe... War is coming, for sure.

  2. Lol yes you did I just didn't catch it since it wasn't gold lettered :lol:
  3. Thou shal not troll Panzers to other trains. If he spawns with you it's YOUR problem.
  4. If everyone agrees to save a zombie at the end of the round it does not mean "kill all your zombies then hope someone saved one for you" EVERYONE saves one to ensure higher chance of two being uninjered and not die out. Can someone sum that up in fancy "thou art" terms?
  5. Just got to round 43 and threw a monkey to buy me time to reload my HAMR and Fire Staff. After I threw it I reload n started to hop away but the whole time hopping they were still chasing me! I threw a 2nd one and it worked but WTF?!?! I hope it's fixed soon. Didn't go down just wasted a monkey.
  6. How the hell are zombies with top hats innovative? I agree with everything else but when someone puts that as their "Buried features" or whatever I can only think your dumb. (Dumb is the nicest word I can think of)
  7. Most Difficult: 1.MotD 2.Origins 3.Die Rise 4.Nuketown 5.Tranzit 6.Buried Most Fun: 1.Buried 2.MotD 3.Origins 4.Tranzit 5.Nuketown 6.Die Rise Best Layout/Atmosphere 1.MotD 2.Tranzit 3.Origins 4.Nuketown 5.Buried 6.Die Rise
  8. Explain how you came to this conclusion please. And don't say "cuz your in argatha blah blah, need facts sir.
  9. PAP LSAT or HAMR. Ray Gun I or II. Always have the petrifier pap but on round 50 and on your gonna blow through ammo. My suggestion is buy some wall weapons and pap them and while your running around (or whatever you do) grab some and keep shooting.
  10. Maybe the spire he is talking about it the pyramid on the map not the church
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