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  1. I have been playin' off and on all day on Buried and Die Rise and had no problems. That does suck tho, sorry to hear, hope it works itself out for ya.
  2. Sticking with the poll I would chose Chernobyl, I think they could spin a great story with that site. As for my own choosing, I would love to see Manhattan zombiefied. Kinda like that Will Smith movie I am Legend!!
  3. I def agree here! If Nukes were removed I would not be unhappy at all. Heres another scenario. Round friggin one of Buried, everyones got money out the bank ready to start unlocking everything, lets save a zombie someone says.. Cool, go to knife second last one, KA-BOOM!! Eff you Richtofin!!!
  4. Don't laugh, but Farm was my fav when BO2 first came out. There was just something about it that even now I cannot put my finger on, but drove me to that map day in and day out!! Visually, I think I would have to go with Nuketown. I always wondered in BO1 what Nuketown would look like zombiefied, and they didn't disappoint. As for gameplay, I would have to say Buried. I know I know, it gets boring. But you are not running miles for your next perk, the paralyzer was a great addition, also the timebomb. You can rack up the kills and hit the bomb and go back and do it all over again, maximizing your kill to down ratio
  5. I'd have to go with the AN94 from BO2. All around great gun, PAP's real nice. Kinda fails high rounds, but still gets you there fairly easily. Also gotta love the Galil, REALLY wish that was in BO2 Multiplayer, would be a great addition.
  6. I can 100% relate to this brother. The past two days I have taken so many stupid downs. I swear the game is programmed to give you bad days and great days! Seemed to have gotten my swing back and getting to the higher rounds again, til my next bout with bad luck!!
  7. PAP AN94, PAP Mark II Ray Gun, and the PAP Paralyzer NEVER fails me After round 30 or so the AN does begin to stall out, but I am all about the headshots, so a couple nice shots to the head and they go down pretty quickly
  8. I'm gonna have to go outside the box and go with the Paralyzer from Buried. It slays them up nicely 100+ rounds, makes it a bit more easier to navigate the map at times, has gotten me out of a few sticky situations, also, its pretty fun flying around the map like a fool!! Ray Gun Mark II in a close second as its a beast high rounds.
  9. Hey there guys, I'm xTHExOMENx, daily zombie player on BO2 for PS3. I have attained the blue eyed double shotgun rank and am proud to say got there with no glitches, no anything but hard ass long game play! Hoping to meet some die hard zombie fans on here as its hard a lot of the times to find a good game online. Half the time they back out before the fun can even begin. I'm from Canada so feel free to make all the EH jokes you'd like, I love it!! Usually play at night time, eastern standard time, but am on whenever I can be, so feel free to friend me here or on PSN and we'll get some fun started.
  10. Welcome to the forums xTHExOMENx :)

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