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UPDATE! DLC 4: The Giant Metal Man in 935 Paris w/ NML!


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Whaddup guys,

So on 3arc's Facebook page, they've been posting some very interesting letters that seem to connect to the O4 characters. If you want to see them, check out GRILL's thread here. One of the notes that was on there really stuck out to me, though. 'twas the note that supposedly relates to Dempsey, the third one. Have a look:

"November 19th, 1917

It seems beyond doubt that Fritz is up to no good. Air reconnaissance suggests prototype armored weaponry is being tested in Northern France. Scuttlebutt reads like the ramblings of a mad man, strange lights in the sky... a mysterious plague... even giant metal men.

I'll be at the site within the week to the learn the truth with my own eyes..."

(creds to GRILL)

Basically, what this note is saying is that the writer is hearing a ton of military rumors that seem pretty ridiculous, such as lights in the sky, a plague, and a giant metal man. In real life these rumors would sound absolutely so out there that they should be ignored, but in the zombies world, we've honestly heard of this before.



1. UFOs

At Der Riese, we had a couple blueprints of a Vril Spacecraft powered by Die Glocke, so we know that Group 935 was working on things like UFOs and communicating with the Vril. All of that is covered in a thread I made here. Basically, The projects at Der Riese connected to the Vril which connected to Agartha which connected to Giants. These were the blueprints:

And we saw these "lights in the sky"/UFOs at Eagle's Nest, a 935 Base in Siberia.

Also, we know that 935 was trying to link MTDs from Der Riese to France from a plate that was on the ground there near a teleporter. (I'm struggling to find a picture ATM :| )

So, I believe we can see who may be responsible for these lights in the sky way back when. Do keep in mind all of these were powered by Die Glocke technology, that'll be important later. (I'm a little obsessed with that concept.)


2. Plague

Next up is this "plague" they're talking about. Though I don't have a great amount of evidence to back this, I believe this "plague" is simply the zombies resurrected by 115. There has been no other reference of one that I know of in the storyline so far. Plus, it bears a similarity to a zombie.

Warning: Somewhat disturbing picture ahead!



3. Metal Giant

Finally, we come to the most interesting part of the note. They spoke of a giant metal man being at the site in Northern France. One thing I think we should note is that the map Der Riese is translated to mean "the giant". Could this large metal man have been worked on in Der Riese's mainframe, powered by all the electricity that was cored above the PaP?

As the Vril 7 Treibwerk was moved to Eagle's Nest, perhaps this man was moved to the Northern France base. Maybe it is a war machine that was created like the other Wunder Weapons at Der Riese. Or maybe it was a way to reach Agartha. Legend has it Giants live down there with the Elite of mankind, and post-Buried we know that Maxis has wanted to take a trip down there for a long time. Maybe he'll enter the machine and make his way down, and that's what he meant by "I'll finally reach Agartha!"

Like all Vril connections, I'm guessing the technology powering it will be of Die Glocke, and hopefully we'll actually see Die Glocke at this next map.


4. Paris Perhaps?

Through this note, it seems pretty clear that we're going to be somewhere in Northern France for the last DLC. But the question is: Where? Well, 3arc seems to be listening to what the community have been asking for, considering we're more than likely (almost indefintiely) seeing the O4 back in the next DLC. Well, one place we've been asking for is France. France was going to be the final DLC for BO, but the idea was nixed last second because it wasn't of high enough caliber. Well, at this point in time, it's pretty much of high enough caliber IMO. And honestly, I can't think of anywhere else we could go in northern France, even though Paris is on the north/central Paris line. Though there is no definitive proof, I believe by logic we may be visiting the city of love :)


Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think! Any feedback, positive or negative, is ok with me. :)

bagel_, out.


(That means huge font)


So much was seen in this. We are getting the O4 back. The whole "Giant Metal Man" thing is literal and will be in the next map, and the whole plague thing was subliminally seen in the trailer.

We appear to be seeing the robot from a trench. Trench warfare was common in WWI, which took place around 1915 in France. Looking up trench warfare, this popped up:

The area between opposing trench lines (known as "no man's land") was fully exposed to artillery fire from both sides. Attacks, even if successful, often sustained severe casualties as a matter of course.

Perhaps part of the new map will be part in trenches, and will include a NML area where the Giant is seen!

Also, we saw the 935 logo over a body torn apart on an examination table. Moar proof of 935!

Thanks to Noah for that pic. What do you guys think?

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I like this. Like, a lot. Simple and straight to the point. It's easy to see how there are different "categories" to all these letters. One points to something of UFOs, one points to mechanical weapons/people (robots), and another flat out places our feet into Paris.

I'm very intrigued on how the mechanization process will go down. Is it actual robots, or are we dealing with something of which we have never encountered nor even heard of in this story before?

+1, friendo. :)

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@TAMB Hahahahaha, that day will come soon my friend! (Hopefully September 2nd, the release of the final DLC :lol: )

@Infest Thank you vurry much for the feedback! It is pretty interesting what could come up as 935's primitive super soldiers.

@Mocking I feel like having a tank to use against the hoard would be pretty dang overpowered too :lol:

@MrFrenzyBox That is very much a possibility. The Mauser Model 1915 dates the whole idea of a 935 base to 1915, and the flu pandemic was 3 years after that year. Maybe the Spanish Flu was way more than just a flu 8-)

@SirPlasticDucky I can't honestly say I've been a believer the entire time, but now it seems pretty clear now. Hopefully you and I are right! Just a few more weeks until we know.

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For the location, i think it could be a place near paris called Beloy-en-france, it is near paris. The only reason I suggest this is because I saw a leaked dlc card(I know, its probably fake, but i found an interesting possible location which ties in with france) with "Beloy" as the main map. Now i done some digging and found this place near paris. There is also another place in the are called "Mont Griffon"(Griffon Station Link?). The image of the map also looks strikingly similar to the town/city.

Just google "Beloy-en-France". I cant post links using a psvita its a pain.

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A giant robot would make you zombie proof... :D

Perfect secondary assault vehicle after a ZWMD.

Seems Ironman & The Jaegers from Pacific Rim have found their way into the hearts & minds of Treyarch.

Personally I love giant robots & mix that with zombies you have a win.

Maybe some how the eiffel tower has been transformed into this lumbering behemoth.

Regards Alpha.

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- Taken from a thread I posted over in General Zombies section awhile back -


So we know that the dev team's current focus is teasing the new map with 'Letters from the Field' and that these letters are obviously written by the original four. The letters are written during the beginnings of the zombie canon and emphasize that the O4 went to Northern France to gather intel. :!:

Northern France = Paris

Paris is located in Northern Central France and is a center for all things 'giant/metal' - as noted in the "Letters from the Field" - and is a homage reflective to our want for a Paris map here in the forums. :)

Now there are theories of a water-centric map being next in line since we've had Fire, Air, and Earth as the center theme for all our recent canon maps. What body of water runs through Paris and would be an exciting core map design? - The Seine River. :D

Also, the Seine River experienced severe overflow during the early 1900s - i.e. 1910 ~ 1924 era - causing significant flooding of Paris and other parts of Northern France. This would be an exciting game mechanic to have certain areas of the map flooded or even used as trap locations/EE requirements locations.

Paris is the City of Lights. Powering the Giant Robot Man perhaps?

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Bagel, first of all, I love this thread, nicely done sir ;)

Secondly, I'm also thinking we might see some interesting things done with the No Man's Land between trenches. Since the robot's foot looks too large to crush you while you're in the trenches, perhaps staying in the trenches will keep you safe from the robot. However, the trenches look like a deathtrap when you're dealing with zombies, and if they cover a large area of the map then getting from point A to point B may take a while. So NML may be used as an escape route when zombies are coming at you from both sides, or as a shortcut (especially useful when a teammate is downed far away). However, in NML, you run the risk of getting crushed by the giant robot! :o I think this would be a very interesting gameplay feature

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Perhaps, I'm not saying it's Reznov by any means, I just said he looked like him. He was the only one that is distinctly different looking than his old model.

Going to be a good one for sure, cant wait to see the whole intro/cutscene/ending whatever that was :lol:

I would think that most Russian's would have had facial hair in that time period. I agree though, they share some similarities.

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