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  1. The meteorite, looks exactly like the Shi No Numa area.
  2. What about these NavCards we collect? Could they link present and past?
  3. For the location, i think it could be a place near paris called Beloy-en-france, it is near paris. The only reason I suggest this is because I saw a leaked dlc card(I know, its probably fake, but i found an interesting possible location which ties in with france) with "Beloy" as the main map. Now i done some digging and found this place near paris. There is also another place in the are called "Mont Griffon"(Griffon Station Link?). The image of the map also looks strikingly similar to the town/city. Just google "Beloy-en-France". I cant post links using a psvita its a pain.
  4. There is a video on iowagaming youtube channel where a guy buys the olympia, a green flash appears and then gets the ray gun. I cant link it to you guys cos im on the vita, it is really weird but very useful if we find how to obtain it. The channel is "iowagaming", the video is something like new ray gun perma perk or something, its the latest one. And thanks for the topic, i had absolutely no idea about the sniper upgrade!
  5. I still support maxis, Richtofen just wants earth as his playground. But maxis is doing it for a reason, to save his daughter. I think samantha/O4 will stop whoever you supported in the easter eggs from doing something bad.
  6. It doesnt need to be 10000 points, i have had it with 2000. When the next double points is active, everything you buy is half price. I have no idea how to keep it, i always lose it after the double points has finished.
  7. Danza

    solo strategies

    Running outside saloon with a resonator built there and a turbine by the box location. Remember to use your paralyser when training to fly over zombies if they block your path, or fly if your trapped in a corner.
  8. I think this strategy is fair. Its just basic camping while taking advantage of the new perk. There are people who have gotten much higher by running around. Its up to you what to choose. Camping is slow but easy, while training is fast but risky, this map makes both tactics viable. The gun itself is not incredibly OP, its the green mist in cobination. I would support the idea of no green mist for paralyser kills, i just hope they dont do what they done to sliquifier, its useless 100+. As mentioned earlier, wonder weapons are designed to be OP and are there to use for high rounds. I would
  9. Danza

    Voice transmission.

    I could not understand what was being said. But there is probably more to it, it seems to cut off. It sounds like one of the other 4 characters you hear from the tv in farm etc...
  10. Heres something interesting i found. 1.Complete an easter egg on Tranzit (maxis or Richtofen) 2.Insert the buried navcard on tranzit. 3.go to the level select screen and the tranzit icon will look as though it it is powered up. 4.Move across to Die Rise then move back to tranzit with the cursour, dont select the levels. 5.As soon as you land back on tranzit you will hear a voice trasmission, or someone speaking on a radio. I literally just found this, could a message be created when all three are powered?
  11. Once you put the navcard in tranzit, the symbol turns "powered" up. It kinda feels now that the story is becoming clearer and advancing, at least for me.
  12. I think its been mentioned, but outside farm with no doors open is quick. Theres only 4 spawn points i think, and you could simply use mustang and sally and a war machine to spawn kill them in the early rounds, to about 15-20. From there get a ray gun and use that to about 40. Then jetgun from then on. This strategy is fast and keeps you on your toes due to their wild spawns so its also fun.
  13. 50 on my 3rd attempt, Only 2 downs i had to end it as i was going to the cinema that night. I will try for a 100 if i have time but meh. Acid trap strategy is the way to go.
  14. Basically a mix of quickdraw and stock. That would be useful when your camping and when you need to back up slowly from the zombies.
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