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    Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    50 on my 3rd attempt, Only 2 downs i had to end it as i was going to the cinema that night. I will try for a 100 if i have time but meh. Acid trap strategy is the way to go.
  2. Danza

    Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Stratagies High Levels

    I run around the room next to the box with the hole in the floor. I run them around and when they are grouped I lead them down the corridor next to the box down the bottom to the door, its where you drop from trample steam. I then shoot the hoard as they hit the door. The door has slanted ground infront of it so zombies keep sliding back down. The zombies also spawn very quick so its a big chain with the sliquifier. I drop claymores behind me incase they flank me but if your next to the door they wont. Once the chain stops i use a secondary (lmg) to rack up points. Once the puddle goes I start running again. My highest round was with this strategy (69). Sorry if its hard to understand but I dont have anything to record with. Anyway thats my strat.
  3. Hasn't happened to me. must be very lucky. And a little tip, i just sprint off the edge rather than jump and i always survive. i think the problem is a slight dip in the geometry below that slide in the center. The speed you are going and the height throws you into unavoidable death. Another factor could be lag. I always play solo or am host so there is no gameplay difference. Connection difference could miscalculate the fall height and cause you to die? But idk, its never happened to me only friends in a few co op games.
  4. These are just due to map rendering. If you take fog off, you can see the different areas generating as you go through them. Certain areas are not loaded until you reach a certain trigger. So when you are close to farm, another area behind you will start clearing to give memory to the game, the zombies are then deleted and respawned near the player to prevent framerate lag and spawn errors (like the infamous g-spawn) But i like your time theory as time seens to be important and is referenced heavily on tranzit.
  5. Danza

    What we can Learn from Moon, Hacker on Tranzit

    Its just left over code mostly. For example, there is strings from cod 3 in the game. But these maps are probably going to be released in the future. Ive got one theory tho. When you get them orange orbs, they sometimes appear at the mystery box. What if you can get the hacker from it? Just a suggestion because im stumped at the minute. There is no real progress happening.

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