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  1. Pretty sure my friend and I hold the record for the fastest completion of the EE! Anyone wanna challenge that time?
  2. Those spheres are probably the summoning key that Richtofen takes from the SOE crew at the end of the SOE EE. Also, @RedDeadRiot good point about it looking like the PaP blueprints as I've heard quotes in The Giant from Richtofen about the creation/creator of PaP in the (Wild?) West.
  3. @rbb93 Yeah I thought the Margwa parts were for something, but I never knew there was a WW on this map until this morning lol. Either way maybe the WW is used for the steps after killing the shadow man.
  4. The next steps for the easter egg are: *This can be done before step 1* Get the Swords: There a wall in the Rift with red symbols on it. Use the train to take note of three unique red symbols, which can be spotted from the window while riding the train. Once you know all three symbols, you can enter the Rift and zap the matching red symbols on the wall while in Beast mode. Inside the now open wall room, pick up the Egg from the throne and insert it into each of the four Octodad statues around the map, then charge each statue by killing zombies in close vicinity - a la moon. Finally, the egg must be returned to the sword chamber and the player is rewarded with the sword. *Only after Infest's Step 6* Upgrade the Swords: Return to the ritual area for your particular character. For example, if you're the boxer you must go to the boxing ring. There's a white ghostly figure by the summoning area. Approach the ghost and pick up the the egg. Go to the four different locations one by one (Canal, Waterfront etc.) and put the egg on the floor. A bright red circle will appear and then you kill the Margwa which spawns in each of the locations. Go back to the ghost for your character and receive your upgraded sword. Capture The Flag Go to the underground subway in the Rift. The flag is in the middle of the subway room. Take the flag outside and place it in a similar spot where you put the egg from the sword step. Protect the flag and kill nearby - any zombies or other enemies. If the flag gets destroyed because it took too much damage, then the step must be repeated. As you protect the flag it will start to glow until the next part appears. Once the flag is being awesomely protected, there will be several purple symbols highlighted on the floor nearby. Run round the area quickly, stepping on each of the highlighted purple symbols to make them disappear and to charge the flag. Return the flag to the ghost in your character's ritual area. The flag will shoot Purple Flurp purple rain beams of the purple variety at the ghost who will disappear. Rinse and Repeat Repeat CTF step 3 more times, one for each character's ritual table. KILL THE SHADOWMAN Make sure that your weapons, ammo, and perks are GUCCI Go to the Pack-a-PUNCH cave and you'll see the four gatekeepers facing the Shadow Man who is protected by a bubble. Complete a round inside the cave first and BTW there is no chance of leaving the room now because the door is blocked. Once the round is over, interact (Press X or Square for wake UP) with each of the gatekeepers and they will fire their LAZORZ beams of red light at the Shadow Man. Do this for all four gatekeepers and the final beam will bring down the Shadow Man's shield. Shoot the Shadow Man as he changes position (and if his shield comes back up again, repeat the process to bring his shield down once again) and eventually he will go over the ritual table. Once he is over the table, kill him with the upgraded sword. Into the UNKNOWN I don't know what to do next ;) It definitely has something to do with the three Margwa pieces that you pick up. I have only collected two at a time and do not know what I would do with them as of yet :/ YOU GUYS/GALS/ZOMBIES can totally solve this!
  5. BO3 released on November 6. -> Nov.6 -> NOVA6

    OR for early birds on November 5 -> 11/5 -> ELEMENT 115!

    Pretty sure this has been said already tho :) #feelthehype

  6. I got the achievement Making the Rounds - complete the cycle three times. I died before I got to test this but maybe Pop the Weasel - Break the Cycle, is done by dying on the bridge after completing the cycle three times?
  7. It seemed to be different for everyone but at least the in-game store stayed consistent lol I think Treyarch unlocked Revolution in the in-game store minutes before the xbl marketplace dropped it.
  8. Ah yes Let's get a 4 man team going...as soon as I die once or twice on solo 8-) just to check the loading sceen/video :twisted:
  9. Restart your xboxs and in a tile on the dashboard should be Revolution 8-) It's downloading for me! woot! 6:30 am where I am
  10. Try to shoot the door or use weapons from the mystery box that showed sparkles and beam of light inside the box. There might be a connection between these weapons with the light and this light.
  11. I would cry and then return my game to treyarch if that happens. :evil: Probably won't though because they listen to the community and are not THAT ignorant lol. :mrgreen:

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