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  1. Just a heads up there's no option for Der Eisendrache in the LFG. But if anyone wants to play on PS4 my psn is Xperiment117 ;)
  2. That's awesome! I guess we know what the new equipment is for lol
  3. Also this explains that if Campaign mode was the Player's last dying dream then Nightmares is the Player's last dying nightmare. LOL sneaky Treyarch
  4. Slowing down the mission start text shows us the TRUE campaign story. Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackops3/comments/3s8jkq/massive_spoilers_discovered_something_huge/ *START QUOTE* Spoilers for the whole campaign, don't say I didn't warn you. So...I've noticed a distinct lack of discussion about the campaign here, which is understandable. Most CoD fans consider the campaign to be nothing more than a fun little distraction. For those who played it, most are terribly confused, especially by the ending. Personally, while i
  5. 4 red lights on the wall you say? Must be an achievement-checker like in Buried to see if all four players finished SOE's EE. JK. Maybe though. If anything though, four red lights might just indicate that each of the four players would have to do something individually to activate the lights.
  6. Not at 1am, Thursday's busy mornings for me. If you still need a guy by tomorrow afternoon I'll be on.
  7. Maybe like how we needed to have Call of the Dead and Shangri-La's Easter Egg done to complete Moon's, we need to have SOE's EE done to get the summoning key to do The Giant's. Also if that's true, then we'll need The Giant's EE done to complete DLC 1 and so forth until Richtofen fixes the universe or something else happens.
  8. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the new song on the map. It's a remix of Beauty of Annihilation. Two of the 'Press x for song' Brains are facing each other in the back of the kennels by the stairs. The remaining one is by Teleporter B in the room to the right.
  9. Maps are FIXED for NXOE users and the few Original Dashboard users who were having problems. Enjoy your weekend everyone!
  10. Everything for this game was developed natively for the PS4 (which I haven't heard much if any problems on that platform) but it seems that xbox and pc are getting the shaft on this one. Also to fix the Giant/Nuketown not showing up problem on Xbox One, just do a factory reset to the old dashboard. It'll work then. The reset can't delete your games/apps if you have an external ;) TBH this type of problem with the NXOE has been happening to all the newly released games (halo, 2kgames, BFH dlc, etc) it's really not Treyarch's or Activison's fault on this o
  11. Activision is on the case! Do not worry xbox one players: https://twitter.com/ATVIAssist/status/662537010943496192
  12. BO3 released on November 6. -> Nov.6 -> NOVA6

    OR for early birds on November 5 -> 11/5 -> ELEMENT 115!

    Pretty sure this has been said already tho :) #feelthehype

  13. This happened to me as well! Nuketown and The Giant do not show in game. Do you have the NXOE dashboard for preview members? On a lot of forums this problem is said to only be affecting preview members :( Let me know if your fix hopefully works! *p.s. to those who can help* - I activated Dead Ops Arcade 2 but that also doesn't show in the Z menu...do I have to go and reactivate it every time I want to play DOA2?
  14. Hey Guys/Gals/Zombies, I'm Mario, also known on the many gaming platforms as: Xperiment 117. I'd like to let you all know how special CoD Zombies and this forum is to me. I started online gaming at the now common and generic ripe age of 12 and entered the CoD world soon after. World at War was literally the best thing I thought existed, at least until I stumbled across the hidden Nazi Zombies menu option. I'd found a passion of mine. During my formative high school days, the gknova online teaser about my favorite game mode was TEASING ME to the un-Death
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