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  1. so its offical, it can be done solo? before i finish my game lol
  2. i was like hell yes, this is the perfect thing for my first collectors edition lol
  3. really? nobody is liking the "jugg edition"? ive been waitin for something like this. and i needed another mini fridge lol
  4. thank god, ive been waitin for them to announce the collectors edition. its gotta be zombie related. i mean why hold off til the zombie reveal? unless an item in there is zombies related. aw wat if we get the comic book with collectors edition lol
  5. ​lol you know they are, all the companies pull that scheme
  6. man [email protected]#$ a same day release lol 'xbox' users always rub that in our face "so what xbox gets it first" nothin wrong with change but where the hell is zombies?!
  7. ps4 #TeamEarly thank you CoD gods for answering my prayers now why havent they showed anything zombies at e3? isnt over today?
  8. man i use to believe there was something more to TranZit but now..yeah i think its just dead, (or developers didnt finish 2nd easter egg)
  9. ​...1)Whats Tacitus? (nvm ill probably just look it up) 2) people are really saying that VooDoo is the new 115? yeah its too early to rule anything out but i dont see them changing that unless they wipe the slate clean. maybe the voodoo was just to make us think about possession and mind control. i cant really see a VooDoo spell starting a Zombie outbreak
  10. ok, rewind..i didnt mean voodoo was gonna be the cause lol im sure itll still be 115..i just mean like its too early to say the maps will have nothin to do with voodoo or shit like that. i was just mainly using voodoo as a comparison to how the zombies are controlled by Sam or Ed, just reminded me of voodoo
  11. to be honest, its WAY to early to rule out ideas. And on a side note, Voodoo and Zombies go hand and hand..look up alil Voodoo and youll see its right up this alley, putting people under trances, controlling them...doesnt sound familar?
  12. Yea i know the different editions, i was asking when do they usually announce whats in the special editions
  13. This is my first time gettin a beta, will we be able to keep playin til BO3 releases?
  14. When do they usually announce the special edition contents? So much anxiousness
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