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  1. so its offical, it can be done solo? before i finish my game lol
  2. thank god, ive been waitin for them to announce the collectors edition. its gotta be zombie related. i mean why hold off til the zombie reveal? unless an item in there is zombies related. aw wat if we get the comic book with collectors edition lol
  3. ps4 #TeamEarly thank you CoD gods for answering my prayers now why havent they showed anything zombies at e3? isnt over today?
  4. man i use to believe there was something more to TranZit but now..yeah i think its just dead, (or developers didnt finish 2nd easter egg)
  5. This is my first time gettin a beta, will we be able to keep playin til BO3 releases?
  6. ​yea ive been wondering about that, its kinda weird that they have the combo pack on amazon for ps3 and 360..man i wish bo3 was out already
  7. its been years and people still want a continuation from Moon? lol after how they fumbled the ball with BO2 on numerous times im kinda glad the O4 didnt get put through the meat grinder.. but on an actual note think about how it would be if they continued Moon in Bo3, first off how would they just pull that off? by rebooting the story and saying "ehh f**k what happened after or inbetween" *cough* Origins, but naw its been tooo long to just continue after Moon, its almost pointless now. i feel if they were to pick up from then it would be a complete let down. its like the last real thing we have left from the GOOD zombie days, let Moon and its story rest peacefully in our memories. (now if they actually make a combo release from BO and BO2 maybe they might have somethung up there sleeve) just tired of people wishing for moon, its ALL ppl said when a DLC was on the rise
  8. Great thread MMX, i first seen the End to Orgins.. i felt my brain fall out of my head. after seeing your theory and reading this i understand it. the time loops reminds me of this episode of family guy where stewie and brian were blown out of existence to before "the big bang". he had to cause an explosion with his timepad, which turned out to be the big bang itself. stewie later explains to brian that if the universe didnt create him, he couldnt have been blown out of existence to create the universe. thats kinda like wat happen in Orgins right?
  9. wait, so he DID kill Maxis? wow im done with bo2 zombies lol we finally get the O4 back but with a damn twist..i didnt want them to do a prequel (for the fact i had a feeling it wasnt goin to be what we wanted)and i reeeeally didnt want it to be an alternate timeline/dimension because im just tried of watchin shows or playin games where they end up in an alternate universe to their own, its getting tired. other then that the map looks cool, features and what have you. but they have lost me story wise.
  10. :shock: a new pack a punch camo? its....so...beautiful :cry: lol
  11. if you already did the EEs, i think the update the other day had sumthing to do with why we cant see them on the select screen
  12. man those staffs look bad ass. oh lord my biggest fear HAS been brought to life, Zombies with guns :cry:
  13. all my lights for richtofen side are out, i did all maxis on another name but i havent been on it in fear that it also wont be lit :(
  14. i know this thread is old but i didnt wanna just start a new one, i think im havin a light up issue. after the recent patch update i think it was on the 22nd, my icons wont light up...i havent did the richtofen ee on buried but i did all the others for his side and the lights stop lighting up after the update. on another name i completed all maxis side and everything was lit up. i havent gon on that name in fear the lights arent on (because i havent pushed the button lol) anyone else havin this problem after the update or no?
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