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  1. (jaw drops) damn your beautiful.
  2. think treyarch will ever hive us the official storyline, or just leave it up to us? oh well this is like the closest we'll get to knowin the story. keep up the good work you guys.
  3. wat is the papers importance? wen i played bo1 i never cared for the lil things so i got some catching up to do lol
  4. ok, its something not registering in my brain. how are these diary entries being made? before Maxis died ive always assumed. MMX, the whole Samantha going into the pyramid and Maxis being shot thing..did these 2 events occur at different times? cuz i thought it happened at the same time...ive been so focused on the new story line im loosin concept of the old i notice each diary entry is numbered but i havent been able to gather all the numbers, that wouldnt have anything to do with it huh
  5. I'm doing this, except more like a month. ps3? yaaay! ps3 users, ASSEMBLE! (sorry just finished watchin "Avengers" ) but ive been thinkin about doing the same thing til August
  6. this was pretty racist, especially that last part. i really was with you in your post until that part. it was unnecessary and can offend some people.
  7. ive been playing TranZit all week (tryna get my rank back up) and i was just searchin for things and i come across the church, first off i was just sittin in front of it punching denzins off my head. then sumthin drew my attention, the boarded up window...WASNT boarded so i walk to it and it says hold square to rebuild im like holy shit its rebuildable?! if this was already known sorry i just never knew it. and has anybody just stared at the door of the chruch? its WAY too small for people to walk in for a service...idk
  8. lol i was thinkin bout postin on one of these old topics, but yea things have start to change in the zombie world
  9. ......wat if Maxis shot himself? probably had enough lol
  10. .....wat?.....excuse me i just finished smoking, can you repeat that but just in better way? :?
  11. did you read the date on the previous posts?? this shit is old lol your late bro :lol:
  12. "He" has abandoned us....hm im thinkin hes talkin about Samuel
  13. the beams??? no that was NOT just put there, ps3 wont get the patch for the 2 instakill til next month i already know

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