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  1. A Chick-Fil-A outside my neighborhood. It's pretty big in the Southeast U.S., and they make delicious chicken sammiches Monday-Saturday, opening at 7 AM. I'm pretty enthused, seeing as in it's first 2 weeks of being open I've eaten there 6 times.
  2. Oh, and I agree with you, they should definitely be considered. However, (and forgive me if you talked about this before) the Ray Gun is found in every map, and it's considered a Wonder Weapon. Ray Guns aren't laying around everywhere, so technically, haven't they in themselves have been displaced? We also see the Winter's Howl in BO Verruckt even though we know it was made at the Pentagon. That too is a Wonder Weapon Displacement.
  3. About the US on the VR-11... Haven't we been looking at the weapons from the Mystery Box to be non-canon in their location in time? It wouldn't make sense that there is a PDW from 2025 to be in the Alcatraz Mystery Box of 1930 if it's location in time was canon. Wouldn't it make just make just as much sense for the VR-11 to be plucked from the US to Siberia? Perhaps the VR-11 was a wonder weapon being worked on by the US. But that's simply an assumption. The US could even be the initials of someone working at 3arc, like how the Wunderwaffe DG 3 JZ = Jimmy Zeilinski.
  4. Wait a minute, is the STii on the Scavenger written on the scope, or the weapon itself? Because this makes me believe it's actually talking about the scope. "Disclosed herein is a conceptual description of a rectangular-aperture astronomical telescope denoted the Scanning Tomographical Imaging Instrument (STII) utilizing orthogonal plano-conical mirrors figured by servomechanical actuators. The sectored reflectors of the STII are fully figured in situ. Accordingly the STII constitutes a decided break with the a priori figured circular aperture upon which astronomical telescopes have relied for some four centuries. Auspiciously, developments in current materials, mechanics and electronics have progressed so far that the most advanced concepts are probably beyond the technological needs of the STII. Because of its linear construction very large increases in extent and resolution are decidedly practical as compared to circular apertures now under consideration or construction. Orbital, lunar and terrestrial mountings are discussed in detail." If you need to read more, check here: http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~garfinkm/Scope.html To me just skimming, it seems to describe the scope of the Scavenger. An it seems to talk about a technology, not the brand itself.
  5. Oh, no. Tac's gone too! I'm gone for a week, and BAM. The entire staff resigned. Oh well. I get what it's like to have personal life conflict with CoDz. Though I didn't know you personally, I bid you farewell, Tac. Hopefully I'll still see you around a bit.
  6. I think 3arc must have actually had the exact idea of having NML just like Moon, where we spawn in NML. But, the only reason they didn't have us spawn on the GG bridge and have NML was because it'd sort of buzzkill the ending of what happens when we build the plane, considering it's just where you started. Plus, it'd leave questions like, "How do our characters not know what's going on when they were just at the bridge?" Having another game mode for NML would be cool, though. Maybe like an option in the sub menu where you are a worker on the bridge, see the bodies in the electric chair, pick up a pistol, and start.
  7. I would not like to say my age simply because of the possible disrespect I could get for it On an unrelated note, has anyone ever seen Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job? l7u9hP4r1S8 I've watched this since the original season, where their Youtube videos had a total of 50 views, half of them from me showing friends. I thought I was the only one in the world watching it. And now, they somehow have managed to get 50k+ views per video, make a couple movies, and Tim Heidecker was Editor in Chief for Rolling Stone magazine for almost a month before getting fired. They made me laugh until I cried. Then they started getting bigger, and I started seeing them have small roles in things, from Bob's Burgers to Bridesmaids. Seriously though. Have you guys heard of Tim Heidecker and Eric Warheim?
  8. oM Blitz collected a ton of evidence about how the current zombie "ruler" could be Mictlantecuhtli, that guy way back from the NTZ loading screen. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=149&t=31048 I don't meanto be that guy who just goes around advertising threads, but I think this should be greatly considered.
  9. Well, I wouldn't call it holding out, but running trains solo in the showers is actually an excellent place for me. That and the Cafeteria. Worst place to get caught? Being alone in the cell block.
  10. I wouldn't call that an Executioner. It definitely wasn't a Shotgun. They said it was "Courtesy of the Warden's Office." and he was a Civil War weapons collector. I wouldn't be surprised to see it being the good old .44 Magnum. But, that's pretty much the same thing as the Python.
  11. Very interesting. Maybe the "Soul" part of it will come into play at MotD.
  12. @Mix, I wouldn't say we are positive that this is the loading screen for the next map out of the comic book, but it would make a lot of sense. Also note that Five didn't have a comic book page, either. To me it looks more of a like one of the characters' diaries, specifically Al Arlington's. The reason why is at the top right of the left page. There's a date there, reading "Feb 26th 1932." And, on the next page, it says "Remember this Al don't forget!" However, with this map being dated way back in time, perhaps this page is early in the comic book, maybe even before WaW maps. 1932 was before WWII anyway. But maybe it's something else. People have pointed out the text up the left side reads "Panic as stocks crash." Why would a news article be in a diary, or a comic book? Very interesting.
  13. True, but would Treyarch really make another George Romero? They got a lot of backlash from the community because of him. yea and I freking love george. Well, what' your highest round in CotD? :evil: JK, but honestly, the majority of the community complained about him. If I didn't have the season pass and heard there's another George, I honestly wouldn't buy it.

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