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  2. You're banned for banning someone without a good enough reason
  3. You're banned for banning someone who was banning someone who was banning someone who was banning someone who was banning someone who was banning someone who was banning someone who was banning someone .... (P.S I'm so close to post 115 )
  4. Youre banned for banning me for a reason i've already been banned for. You're banned for saying "Youre"
  5. You're banned for having numbers in your name
  6. The guy below me is banned for looking up my skirt. You pervert!
  7. You're banned for not liking the nerdy jokes
  8. Maybe this will help ya out: viewtopic.php?f=100&t=25848&p=250293#p250293
  9. You're banned for finding love...in the dictionary :p
  10. I'm not surprised they killed Oscar. Ya can't have a zombie show/movie with more than one black man at a time. P.S I'm not racist, I'm black myself
  11. Youre banned for not having any medals. You're banned for not having any medals, an avatar and a signature
  12. Whats weird is that it took a few matches for it to kick in. I updated it but in 1 match, the host raged when he went down and left. In the next match the host randomly left and none of them counted. But a few matches later the guy left and it counted on the leaderboard for 4 people.
  13. So last night I was playing Tranzit and as we all do, I looked for stuff that could be relevant to the storyline. So I ran around the corner to the navcard, but stopped as I saw something on the corner of my eye. On the window where the zombies come out of (turn left when opening the first door to see it), there is a sign that reads "Shelter". Most of us know by now that Marlton's voice can be heard from Nuketown by knifing the shelter at the beginning of the round, but what if the shelter in Tranzit and Nuketown are somehow connected??? Thoughts?
  14. Wow, I understood all those science jokes. I'm such a nuurd :3. Lenne, you're banned for having 2 medals
  15. Richoften probably doesn't give the perks, death machine and fire sale cos he is a jerk. As much of an epic character he is, he is still a scumbag which is why he is such an epic character.

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