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Zombies Reveal Thread: Welcome to TranZit


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The Joystick article that Lian posted says

"Lamia promises players (playing solo or up to four-players co-op) can traverse on foot or via the bus" for Tranzit


"(solo or as a 4-player co-op experience)" for survival

So does this mean that only 4z4 is the only eight player mode? (so far of course!)

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First off.... i need a new pair of everything... second of all i'm finally glad they showed us this...

Back to this, we still can't see the one driving the bus and "it" (i'll call it that way until we can confirm what or who it is since we have a lot of people saying its one of couple different things...) but it seems to be still, hardly moves when you actually get a glimpse of it and doesn't seem to interact in any way at the moment.

also i took the time to get some pictures of the characters or "glimpse" of them i haven't labeled which is which like "character 1" or such so admins feel free to take them and label....

I will continue to examine the video more and post more info or images as i go through it over and over again...

also some zombies have strait jackets so this might somewhat help with type of location or some asylum nearby

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41 users currently online.....Ah, the good ol' days. :D

What can I say besides I'm completely stoked for this. Can't wait to get home and tear the video apart!

And I'm not worried about not seeing the old gang in the trailer. I have a feeling Treyarch has another way of revealing this info to us. There's a mysterious man around this forum.....he goes by Mr. X.

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Wow. Surprised how disappointed a lot of you guys are. The old characters will, most likely, pop their heads in at some point. I don't doubt that. I mean, it'd be damn near impossible for Treyarch to progress the story at all without including Richtofen.

Honestly, this is everything I hoped for. It's beautiful. The same Zombies we know and love is there, but vastly expanded on. New characters, new guns, new game mechanics, new game modes. This just looks stunning. It really does. I take my hat off to Treyarch right now. They've completely out-done themselves. Everyone just take a moment to pat Treyarch on the back. Well done Treyarch. *pat* *pat* *pat*

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There's honestly no words that describe how stoked I am for this whole new approach at zombies. Hell fucking yes.

I'm quite surprised at the amount of "meh" I've already read though... all Treyarch and do is go up and it looks like they've created a sandbox style map. It would be for all maps, or just a specific mode. Nonetheless, I for one, am kinda tired of the same old routine, different map. This spices up the playing field SO much from the typical change of things. And I'm sure whatever recipes we've all grown to love will make a reappearance in the game some way or another.

That being said, I will agree zombies is leaning more and more towards L4D. The chick looks like Zoey.

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"Grief the glitchers...!"

I love it. The custom game modes sounds amazing. Griefing sounds amazing. Tranzit looks amazing. Being on a bus surrounded by zombies. I can see being so overrun in an area you move on to the next where it levels up and gets harder and harder. This could make for some interesting decisions. I wonder if you protect or save civillians at all in tranzit.

I'm curious how the leader boards play into customer matches.

I watched the trailer first and was disappointed. However, when I read an article and watched it again I was pumped.

Please, Treyarch, have solo leaderboards.

I'm so glad I took the 11th off.

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Buildables require you to SCAVENGE pieces.

Oh... I see what you did there :D

Now I finally know!

I was going to say "Give up the GHOST!" but thought it was corny.

Anyway, I shall begin the analysis of their organs immediately, a choice of two threads to post on... hmmm.

Also Grief! BRING IT ON! This is so going to take up my days off. Glad I'm only at college for three days!

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Alright i'm back with more pictures this time the pictures of the stages and i manage to get the map all together... also does anyone know how to get rid of the top bar on full screen mode on youtube? so i could perhaps make a better map... and if anyone missed it i posted all the four characters from video on page 2 at very bottom

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It's been so long since I posted but I just can't keep in the excitement and needed to shout from the rooftops (forums have rooftops right?).

This looks so AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!

Now that's out of the way, this looks the breath of fresh (or musty and decaying) air Zombies has needed for a while and will get me hooked on it again.

Definitely read the article FatedTitan posted I'll link again, goes a bit more in depth. He beat me to posting it while I was trying to remember my password :oops:


Hoping there's still PaP, cos I want to see what that does to riot shield! :lol:

First thing I want to do when I get it is run on foot into the middle of the map making a lot of noise!

Time to watch it again!

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