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  1. and by that they mean the giant is in france. riese in german means giant
  2. true but what im getting at maybe this is the 1st step of getting sams body out of the mpd or switching richtofen's soul back it's a stupid idea but who knows where this is going.
  3. i belive the nantan meteors are 115 meteors,and i belive the nantan meteors possibly started the accention outbreak heres why the russians number crunching was very off and history says its just bad math,but the favored conspiracy is that russia was getting help from an unsourced country to fund there steel and from the great leap forward we can see china had plenty of steel and was in need of money now we see a man going threw a box,mabey he got hold of the nantan meteors,considering there's boxes from almost every commie country so 1.russia gets 115 nantan steel 2.russia uses 115 steel to make rocket 3.zombies begin to rise SHI NO NUMA THEORY the nantan meteorites fell in Lihu-Yaochia area,could this be were shi no numa is,could the nantan meteorite be the one in shi no numa the japan goverment takes a small part of the meteor and gives it to russia i mean it can't be to hard to belive MIXMASTERNUT'S THEORY But this might be how the pentagon thief came to be! If you look at the FIVE/NDT loading screen, there is that one caption of someone looking at the chinese box stacked ontop of the russian box (with other communist country boxes behind him). I've had the belief that the scientist in the ascension loading screen, is the same guy in the Five/NDT loading screen, and he is the pentagon thief. Maybe he got an overdose of 115 from the Natan Steel? what else has magical healing powers and could give special abillities. virl generator aka the golden rod.
  4. umqlCwnNJXE this is the worst one ive seen yet
  5. I don't really think it's "out of context" if it was meant to be taken out of context. Really, anyone that read or heard about Rez's quote and said "Proof!! There's more to the EE and an end to TranZit! You disagree? RAAAAARRRGGGH STUPID YOU'RE SO THICK AND DUMB!!" must have just started playing Zombies this week. What else have "OMG MEMBERS OF THE TEAM THAT MAKES THE GAME!!" said regarding zombies in the past? Don't have the exact quotes on hand, but they have said things like; -"Not everything has been found in Der Riese" (this was a year after Black Ops came out.... shortly before the DLC that added this map.) Yeah, right. -When asked "Why is death the only way out of Zombies?" at a Zombies panel, one of them said "Who said there isn't? Have you tried going to round 100 on Kino?" (many people have gone well past 100 on Kino. Nothing happens.) -At the Zombies panel, one of the guys on the team (may have been Jimmy or Rez, I forget) came out wearing a "trollface" T-Shirt -Then there's stuff like the intel talking about an "unconfirmed secret cave" in Call of the Dead. They were probably referring to the slide... yet they read the forums and they knew people had been theorizing about an "ice cave". They knew this post would add fuel to the fire, I guarantee it. These guys want people to keep playing the game. They want people to buy the DLC. And they've pretty much confirmed themselves that they are notorious trolls. Some vague quote from Rez isn't something to freak out over. mega what i meant by "taking out of context" is like jimmy sends out a tweet while he's at a beach omg it must be a new step, or the whole "i touched the moon today. u better wash your hands before you eat." tweet. oh my god guys thats it if u play moon it has the hidden ending on tranzit they must have updated it. i agree we should explore the map and find things and talk about it but alot of this stuff is getting out of hand not everything they tweet about is zombies.
  6. look there is a endgame in tranzit not green run. why would they make a new game mode for only one map and when your do the easter egg it saves to your account just like the nav card reader table tranzit mode is going to be in future dlc zombie maps and will continue the tower easter egg remember there are other towers out there that need to go online we only activated 1. people really have to stop taking tweets or interviews out of context this is getting really old out of 2000 theories that are out there that futher progress the green run easter egg which one works none give it up. ps why does this happen everytime a new zombie map comes out. people are never happy with what they have until its not here anymore.
  7. i hate to say this cause i love treyarch call of dutys but i havent played in over 3 weeks cause of crap like this in multiplayer, and all the glitches in zombies as of now this gif. sums up what im feeling of this game and call of duty as a whole.
  8. its real i just saw a youtube video that somebody on a jtag xbox got the map he only showed the lobby screen i can say its in germany the loading screen was checkerboard then the video ended.
  9. you shouldnt. we havent deciphered the entirety of the easter eggs yet. think...obvious.... how many of the previous easter eggs were obvious? and how obvoius do these easter eggs seem? there is much still hidden and the maxxis easter egg is longer than what we know! orbs can still be activated after the mission is completed so perhaps u can try figuring it out. alphasnake is almost a god around these parts he actually predicted shangri-la and moon map months before they came out we actually thought he was working for treyarch at one point lol and has great info and knowledge about alot of stuff
  10. Or this one: These quotes are a couple of the ones that are heard once and only once. I heard each of these dring the first few days and I haven't heard them since. Can anyone confirm that you can activate the TV in farm twice, because that is yet another quote I can't replicate. Um I haven't tested it. I do not know what you could do to get this. u have to build the navi card table then depending what side u are doing while building it u will here the quotes from richtofen or maxis u could only here one side cause as we all know u cant build the navi card table more than once except if u play with people that never built it
  11. he didnt tweet out that there is more to the easter egg people took it out of context the tweet was "is there more after the easter egg achivement? prehaps a 2nd bus or in game reward?" that was the whole question the guy word it wrong. and rez said yes. and yes we do get a in-game reward which is a random switching drop that is always there in that game. thats why it isn't there in a new game after u did the easter egg.
  12. why cant people just see the main easter egg is over we got our in-game reward the random switching drop and the achivement/trophy oh i forgot that means nothing. there are over 200 theories out here and still nothing the reason people cant find the next step is cause there is no next step. the day treyarch tells us the answer is the day they stop caring about the game and us. they want us to keep playing thats why they haven't confirmed nothing. i think alot of people got spoiled by permanet perks and getting all 8 perks also when have they ever put a big easter egg in the 1st map never.
  13. i never use the bus when i start the game i always run from bus depot to town to get my money out and buy jug, then run to power. the bridge breaks even walking on it so the whole "bus breaks the bridge try to emp the bus on the bridge" theory is pointless.
  14. he also said in one video nuketown and tranzit aren't in the usa it looks like it's in the usa but it's not smh. i dont take anything that guy talks about seriously he's good at the custom maps on world at war, but story wise no thanks
  15. u cant store a raygun in the fridge think how easy that would be if every person on round one had a raygun

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