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  1. UMyoCr2MnpM phantom pain the only game worth talking about from e3 this is the red band trailer because its very graphic
  2. yes he did its on billy's chipper decode video its using the hill cipher he explained in the top comment how to decode it Oh really? Great. Now go do it. [Waits ten minutes.] Couldn't do it? Right. don't know how and don't want to know. I just posted the video's that's it.
  3. yes he did its on billy's chipper decode video its using the hill cipher he explained in the top comment how to decode it
  4. its decrypted. taken from the top comment in the 1st video. Use the matrix on the loading screen and go input by input to convert the text into words. It's essentially a modern day variant of the Hill cipher. The only issue is that Treyarch actually couldn't totally encode it all perfectly so gaps will appear. These are easily rectified by changing a number from the matrix up or down one. "updated with finn's cipher" lKiNogbkBGA YC7qgA-BAPs YNO4VZvyhlU W_incTikepM
  5. and by that they mean the giant is in france. riese in german means giant
  6. actually ptg did get the achivement. on the 1 video they showed yesterday they had notifications off. when they showed the second video it had the achivement in it which they made because people where saying it was photoshopped. smh Bz3K6AEcLqE
  7. agreed this is to me what killed cod,madden,fifa, and a few other games
  8. xw5t45tEPWQ the fox engine is photo realistic. gun rack in fox engine the conference room on left is kojima's the one on right is inside fox engine.
  9. maybe u build a slingshot lol
  10. just hope this time they put hidden radios and such in the map to give it a little backstory instead of the easter egg being done within a day or 2 and thats it.
  11. elevators are a form of transit which we have in die rise. so yes it is a kind of tranzit style map with the new crew, buildables, and moving elevators
  12. true but what im getting at maybe this is the 1st step of getting sams body out of the mpd or switching richtofen's soul back it's a stupid idea but who knows where this is going.
  13. i belive the nantan meteors are 115 meteors,and i belive the nantan meteors possibly started the accention outbreak heres why the russians number crunching was very off and history says its just bad math,but the favored conspiracy is that russia was getting help from an unsourced country to fund there steel and from the great leap forward we can see china had plenty of steel and was in need of money now we see a man going threw a box,mabey he got hold of the nantan meteors,considering there's boxes from almost every commie country so 1.russia gets 115 nantan steel 2.
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