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  1. Hello again Just thought I'd share the link for a really good trailer analysis I found on YouTube. Y'know just in case is interested in more than the characters sexual preferences... Just kidding! Who am I to impose on free speech Kzc66mtgZEU It's the best one of Ive found, pleas post if you find a better one I'm eager as a kid at Christmas for these tidbits Hoping he's on to something with the mystery guy, could be one of the original crew since they started getting grey by the last few maps. Love it when the diner sign changes to NOW DIE Disagree with the motorbike part, looks more like a big two handed death machine style gun to me. I am hoping it is buildable though and... dare we hope to dream... Customisable edit: forgetting how to embed! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzc66mtgZEU
  2. It's been so long since I posted but I just can't keep in the excitement and needed to shout from the rooftops (forums have rooftops right?). This looks so AWESOMEEEEE!!!!! Now that's out of the way, this looks the breath of fresh (or musty and decaying) air Zombies has needed for a while and will get me hooked on it again. Definitely read the article FatedTitan posted I'll link again, goes a bit more in depth. He beat me to posting it while I was trying to remember my password :oops: http://www.joystiq.com/2012/09/26/call-of-duty-black-ops-2-zombies-terrorize-an-open-world/ Hoping there's still PaP, cos I want to see what that does to riot shield! First thing I want to do when I get it is run on foot into the middle of the map making a lot of noise! Time to watch it again!
  3. This post is more an evolution of a theory i posted along time ago (in the run up to Black Ops) the link to the topic is below if you're interested but i'll sum it up as I go along. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=2634 The first point is a point I read on another thread, I can'remember which, but they pointed out that the name of each map has been written in the language of the country it is based in eg nacht der untoten, verruckt etc are in Germany and Shi No Numa in Japan and Five in America. So assuming the der riese teleporter and board idea is right for the next two maps (it foretold Kino). Then Ascension should be the English map. My previous thread goes into the idea that the English map would be based on the Isle of Sheppey, an island at the mouth of the Thames that was an important miltary base in WWII, this area is actually circled on the map of Britain on the board. The other interesting thing about this island that relates to the board is that the picture with the lighthouse also has a shipwreck on it, there is a very famous shipwreck off the coast of Sheppey. The SS Montgomery was an American cargo ship carrying ordnance to England in WWII, the ship crashed on rocks and most of the bombs were never removed after the hull began to crack for fear of detonating the explosives (as it would result in the most powerful non-nuclear explosion in history). As a result the ship and surrounding water has been restricted space to this very day. What has made me think more about this post-launch is the fact that every zombie map is modded from an existing multiplayer or single player map, in Black Ops Kino was from Berlin Wall that is also coming in the map pack but they had made pre-launch but not included, and Five is a mix of the Pentagon sequence and the Rebirth Labs. So after playing the campaign we know there is a section on a shipwreck (during the WWII flashback). The name ascension could refer to the shipwreck "ascending out of darkness" of the sea. Just throwing an idea out there. I dont know how the gknova6 update relates to this (or any other map ideas for that matter). Though its an obvious take on the well known Da Vinci pic and Da Vinci was rumoured to be linked to The Illuminati. So I believe there will probably be some furthering of this storyline, MI5's insignia from the 50's through the 70's was the recognised Illuminati symbol (just like on the US $1 dollar bill) so this could be a link to England aswell
  4. You wanna know how I'm feeling with only less than nine hours left (UK time) till Black Ops Listen to the first video while watching the second on mute g6A6pMO_WKM jKlxjbhB9HE This is dedicated to everyone tryin to kill a little time today! Edit1: ah crap thats not how you embed! Edit2: Fixed Edit3: Dammit just watch on youtube!
  5. lol I must of not put the space in the first time without realising!
  6. Cant get into it anymore, strange must of been deleted or something???
  7. Spoiler: the user is: iLL BiLL
  8. Oh... just a pic Thanks for making me forget about my flu for a while, Carbon, now I just remembered :cry:
  9. Are we looking for the User ID and password or using our own ID and just finding the password?
  10. I think this is a great find too, this the second time i've written today about how amazed i am at what people find in these trailers, because I never catch anything like this. I'm inclined to agree with the people who think it is a woman Because I think A looks like breasts And along those lines I think the bulge around her stomach/hips at B could be a pregnant bulge. To me C Looks like some kind of device encasing her head with lots of wires coming out of it. I do like the idea that it could be Samantha it would be very creepy and in the timeline she would be all grown up by Black Ops. I dont know whether shes birthing crawlers (eww!) or the device round her head could be some kind of psychic control interface (but is it to or from her???) but I am definately intrigued Just throwing out ideas... Again great spot. PS could you put a link to the original thread?
  11. Well spotted. It always boggles me how people on this site find the interesting tidbits on these trailers That radiation sybol was tiny, I personally didn't even notice the American flag in the corridor til i was looking for it! I would make one slight correction however The Americans have previously experimented with weaponising and aerosolising gasses, I only read this a couple of weeks ago when researching another thread These are specifically related to high altitude delivery but involved aerosols nonetheless, you can wiki the operation names if you want to find out more. or check the thread @ viewtopic.php?f=53&t=2634 I have been wondering myself whether the smoke/gas is indeed nova gas, it would be very interesting indeed if the gas that emanates from the crawlers is actually nova gas too. Back to the trailer... I dont really know if this is relevent to the SP or zombies story at all but the ship in the trailer is called the Rusalka (which is slavik for female ghost or water nymph) it was the name of a Russian Ironclad that was lost at sea in 1893 but the wreck was never found until 2003, It has always been assumed it was sunk by bad weather conditions though when divers inspected it they never could conclusively prove what sank it (I smell a conspiracy ) also interestingly Rosalka is the name of an artifcial lake formed in Poland in 1943 less than 50 miles from Der Riese!
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