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  1. Have you guys not seen the steak thing before or am I missing something?
  2. lol thanks Thanks Good idea, I will have a look at them and see if there anything relating them to denizens, I think it's more likely they are to do with crawlers in some way though. lol you never know. Thanks Thanks, lol yeah they do get annoying after a while,I will add the yt url to it now. Sorry it's because it's a channel 4 documentary and they make you watch it on certain websites and devices as far as I know.I have added the Youtube URL but if that don't work try the other link I provided which is the
  3. I think I have found where Treyarch got their inspiration for the denizen. The 'Creature of Metepec' is a strange animal found by a Mexican farmer in a trap. The farmer stated that the Creature was still alive and very aggressive when he found it. The UFO-Journalist Jaime Maussan bought the dead body of the Creature from the farmer, because he thought it was an alien. The 'Creature of Metepec' is rather small, about the size of a small cat or large rabbit. It has smooth whitish-grey skin with a large head for its size. The Creature appears to be quadrupedal, with dexterou
  4. Ok thanks, I haven't actually used theater on black ops 2 yet. Is it a glitch then or is it a feature that's meant to be there?
  5. Hey guys, I found this on codtv, thought I would post it here as it looks interesting. What do you guys think of it? Is it a glitch or we are missing something? Open image in new tab to see full picture.
  6. Is it Pokemon you are talking about? Yeah lol
  7. I was thinking that maybe she is related to Brock and Gary from Shangri la :shock: I hope someone out there gets that :mrgreen:
  8. Yeah I saw that poster, on that same mission there is room you go in that has the chair and pretty much everything else that is on the start screen room from black ops 1, there is also a room you have to swim through afterwards that has lots of radios like the zombie ones as well, plus I think you can get the galva knuckles on this mission as well if you use the access thing on the custom loadout.
  9. Nope it's not him, but the CIA guys on Nuketown and grief are exactly the same as the vr 11 guys, I think it is just treyarch reusing the character models though.
  10. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows if Treyarch are planning on doing anything with the leaderboards ? As most of you will know if someone leaves your game your round stops there and makes continuing to play on in to high rounds pointless. I understand that they done this so that people couldn't cheat but to be honest is that really needed? Personally it is ruining zombies for me and makes searching for other people to play impossible cause the majority of them leave if they go down which ruins your game. Does anyone else feel the same way ? I hope they sort it out or I wi
  11. Yeah,that should be added to this as it's quite a helpful thing.
  12. Yeah it's definitely Nacht,I dont think it changes the storyline we already have in any way though as the map didn't have any links to storyline anyway and they just stuck it in there so they could somehow work it into the storyline. I think it was a brilliant idea though as now nacht isn't just a developers toy that started it all it actually has meaning in the story now.
  13. Didn't know where to post this as it's not really to do with zombies. Right so some of you will know that I have been researching HAARP as I think that's where the story is going, I could be wrong though obviously. Any ways while I was looking at these videos below I noticed something kinda weird, mainly to do with the dates the videos were uploaded as they all seem to be around the same time. I know it is possible some of these are fake but have a look at the dates and watch the videos and tell me what you think. The ones in this first video are from 2011. LsgrRmHW8ro
  14. lol at the predator video, I think it is probably a new special zombie, either that or they just felt like having a laugh when they made it lol
  15. 4wIZp_E2CxQ Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but at the end of the video where you see all the zombies at about 0.54 there is what looks like a huge zombie behind all the other zombies, it is really hard to see but it is definitely there, only way I can describe it is a troll from Skyrim lol.
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