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  1. You should not eat nachos and cheese while playing zombies, because I want said nachos.
  2. There is now nothing on television I EMP Chuck Norris
  3. You may not remember, but this old fucker can spit wicked shit So bow down to the Ancient King before you get your head split. I used to rap against Edjookated, prepare to go to school. Now watch, as I teach you the technique, what you would call the rule. Prepare to get proven wrong and shown for a fool. You only wish you could handle a slick guy who's so cool. Take a step back, your conscience fellin' like a pack-mule.
  4. Sir, I am a member of Seal Team 6 and I have been given the highly classified mission to protect the Pope from possible anti-catholic terrorists in the Vatican by escorting him to the White House, where I will then deliver the Pope and the 40 pound sack of Cocaine to the President for his personal "research". 1.Micheal Jackson, alive and well 2. A small, catholic choir boy 4.140 liters of the world's slipperiest, NASA-grade Lubricant
  5. If you go into a situation, whether it be zombies or anything else, and solely go into it expecting to find evidence of something extraordinary and/or interesting, it will be much harder for you to be objective when you finally find this evidence. It will be more likely that you will make something out of nothing.
  6. 99.999% of the time I agree with you ZotD, but this time, I'm going to have to disagree. If this is our ending to the zombies storyline (which I don't think it is)Then I'm pretty content with it just being two kids playing a game. It explains why some things in the storyline don't make sense. But I do hope it's not the end
  7. It turns into the middle of no where. I EMP chuck norris
  8. The FAMAS in Black Ops 1 for the Wii, it fires 2,500 rounds a second. Stupid FAMAS
  9. It turns into a plastic ring. I EMP England
  10. (We're doing movies, right?) X- X-man
  11. You live in Canada? How come they had combustible lemmon T-shirts? :lol:
  12. You sir, are a boss Hahah, thanks! I got it from FanExpo last summer. Great time. What are you a fan of that involves combustible lemmons? I want to be a fan of it.
  13. WoW, this sounds really cool. Can you make a video of you doing this?
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