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  1. Awesome job man! this will be awesome for some of my friends that are just starting to like cod zombies and i'm trying to explain the story of it since they didn't know it even had one! Keep them coming if your planning more!! best cod zombie videos i've seen so far!!
  2. Get off your but and go out and enjoy the sunshine! then when 11/13 comes then you have my permission to nerdgasm over the game that seems so mysterious until then...
  3. I'm already suffering from withdrawal... I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!
  4. re-watch the trailer man there is indeed a driver, and its still the hidden figure that looks like a bus driver who is possibly what many are saying a robot, zombie, Richthofen, etc...
  5. Alright i'm back with more pictures this time the pictures of the stages and i manage to get the map all together... also does anyone know how to get rid of the top bar on full screen mode on youtube? so i could perhaps make a better map... and if anyone missed it i posted all the four characters from video on page 2 at very bottom
  6. First off.... i need a new pair of everything... second of all i'm finally glad they showed us this... Back to this, we still can't see the one driving the bus and "it" (i'll call it that way until we can confirm what or who it is since we have a lot of people saying its one of couple different things...) but it seems to be still, hardly moves when you actually get a glimpse of it and doesn't seem to interact in any way at the moment. also i took the time to get some pictures of the characters or "glimpse" of them i haven't labeled which is which like "character 1" or such so admins feel free to take them and label.... I will continue to examine the video more and post more info or images as i go through it over and over again... also some zombies have strait jackets so this might somewhat help with type of location or some asylum nearby
  7. I'm still unsure about this robot theory since we only get like a couple seconds to even look at the driver, but everyone needs to go back to science class and remember how metal react to oxygen and getting burnt from a nuclear blast. If it was a robot which i'm still not sure until we get that reveal, the fake skin would burn, melt, or disintegrate. Also the metallic robotic parts would be rusted from radiation and burn, and the rust would have advanced so much from intense exposure that the metal rust would basically look like flesh almost burnt from a certain view. As for the eyes i don't see them "glowing" yellow so its probably the blur from the yellow outline on what looks like a hat or just a yellow looking blur, you don't see the glow effect like on the other zombies so it's probably not a zombie. I'm just speculating from what i see so far but we should all seriously probably just sit back and wait until the reveal it's only 2 or 1 day away depending on your time zone, THEN everyone can be "Mr.IwasRight" on each other....
  8. the game at this point is done in terms of mechanics, specs, design, story, and etc.. but it is not published yet and until it is published it is not entirely done developers can in fact go back in and do some changes if needed including adding more to it if they want, but even still after game is published ideas can still be given for future DLC's. Maybe there is a DLC that is not in the work at the moment and lets say we ask if they could add zombie pigs then they could do that, maybe we ask if they could make it so we can trade weapons they can do that as well. These days even after the game is published they can make further changes with game updates or dlc's.
  9. well they are showing a pic of the hallway that leads to the zombie development team and they are saying "time for a little ride..." so i'm guessing sometime this month (this week or a few more) we'll finally be seeing something either a look at whats going on, a teaser trailer of some sort, or at last a trailer for zombies? thats just my prediction i could be totally wrong and they are still teasing us
  10. Nope i went for hardened, waste of money for the care package if you asked me. That RCXD from previous game was crappy and not worth the extra bucks uses a crap load of AA batteries and only lasted 2 hours using it non stop was kinda fun but a waste... i could buy an RC car for like $50 that uses rechargeable batteries that would last me longer and much more fun. So i bet this little quadtropter or whats it call is no different.
  11. i was seriously questioning that too but i kinda nudged it at the time it could be since at some point during black ops we were all speculating a zoo map for zombies but it turned out to be a multiplayer map, perhaps it was originally planed to be a zombie map?
  12. i was thinking that once i solved this, maybe they will probably do more of these? if we're lucky they will be the same type of decryption messages or they might use different ones or when we get the game some easter eggs might have these type of codes?
  13. yeah it was a bit disappointing cause it was decoding the message as i typed in the passphrase and i thought it was gonna be something sweet but then it showed that lol i gotta say it was still pretty fun doing it sure got me all hyped :D
  14. I'm no certain if i'm right or just pure coincidence but i used this cipher tool called Vigenere Autokey i left the alphabet key empty and in the passphrase i put jimmy zielinski put the code in the "your message here" and got this zOMBi EsZOM BiEsC AN'Ts PELL! "zombies zombies can't spell" EDIT: ok so now if i use the regular Vigenere tool and in passphrase i put zombies it decrypts to "jimmy zielinski can't spell" so i'm thinking this is either what it is and we wasted our time to the whole jimmy mispelling your or we're close and we need to try a different passphrase or similar decoder... jIMMy ZiELI NsKiC AN'Ts PELL! another usefull decoder is the "One Time Pad" where you put the code and you can type out something in the pad and if i put "zombies zombies can't spell" i end up getting "jIMMy ZiELI NsKiZ OM'Bi ESZO!" jimmy zielenski zombies zo!
  15. Well if anyone wants to try i found this that has all kinds of code decrypters... i'm still trying http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/
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