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  1. I'm really having trouble hitting the target near Double Tap you hit by springing from the rocket launch. The target near the roof PAP target you hit springing from the courtyard is tough too, but I've managed to hit that once. I've been able to upgrade the other 3 bows besides fire. Any advice?
  2. redbluesky


    The generators are very frustrating. What causes them to die when you initially activate them. I stay in the area and they sometimes still die. Even the one in the starting area, i start it up and sometimes it dies in 2 seconds.
  3. Im an idiot. I just realized i was thinking quik revive works the same way in multiplayer as it does in solo. Disregard above comment.
  4. Can someone explain how whos who is any better than quick revive?
  5. I still think turned should be part of grief. Where each unreviveable player controls a herd of uglies.
  6. If youve gone down. Its better than spectating which is why a lot of people bail on grief.
  7. They should add turned to grief mode where you can attack the other team.
  8. Doesnt work, guys still slip in while your waiting for server to let you ready up
  9. In the old game you could find good players based on their high level. This game is all random who you get and treyarch has eliminated choice.
  10. Custom match does not count toward leaderboards or when you store money. You can set your party size to 2 but i still had 2 unwanted noobs invade my party.
  11. I love tranzit but im pretty upset there is no private match. A friend and i want to play a 2 man and we get stuck with two noobs. One whos never played tranzit the other one with no mic who by round 7 had 6 downs and zero kills. Both my friend and i have gotten to 22. Treyarch your matchmaking system is broke. Unless i have 3 other reliable people im better off playing solo. Fix this. Please. Also bring back lobby leaderboards so i can do my own matchmaking.
  12. Downs are a bad thing that you don't want though... :? Of course the person with less is "leading". Also, I believe rank is supposed to replace lobby leaderboards as a far quicker (and cooler looking) way to see the other person's skill.(whatever the determining factors are) I mean, you could have been easily carried to round 40 going down after every round and have it go on a leaderboard. Other factors would have to go into it to decide how good you are.(again, unsure of what these factors are). Although I do agree more specialized search would be cool. Headset/no headset, similar rank, etc. Yes, but if i have played 3 games by total downs will be less than someone who has played 300. It should be a ratio to round cleared in a game. They could show that symbol and still list the average rank. Average is a better indicator than high level.
  13. Yes, custom match does not count toward leaderboards. I tried setting a limit on players in my party and then going to public match but that didnt work.
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