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  1. If you have seen Shaun of The Dead you will understand
  2. Club Foot is a classic but my I prefer Underdog, Fast Fuse, Where Did All The Love Go and others.
  3. 1. A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay 2. X&Y - Coldplay 3. Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends - Coldplay 4. Parachutes - Coldplay 5. Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay 6. LeftRightLeftRightLeft - Coldplay 7. Live 2003 - Coldplay 8. Live 2012 - Coldplay 9. Urban Hymns - The Verve 10. West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum - Kasabian Yeah if there was any more Coldplay albums they would be on there, I'm pretty obsessed.
  4. Damn that sounds like a good thread for people to come and let off some steam! I'm off to bed right now though so I shall see what happens tomorrow peace out :)
  5. Oh crap... I've just realised an apocalypse could happen this very moment and I wouldn't have any survival strategy! Hmm better come up with one now, hmm but it is 2:28am and I have college tomorrow but on the other hand the zombies would cancel out the college. Okay so first things first let's think this through I'm currently upstairs in my room laying in bed so the zombies will be coming from downstairs. Just gonna turn the light on hold on just a sec, crap looks like I have no weapons. WAIT! I could use my electric guitar but it's hard to reach in that corner. Hopefully I will hear the zombies coming up the stairs which will give me enough time to grab the guitar. Let's see I've got to deal with those guys including my family as they are asleep therefore would have been zombified in their sleep . Okay it's now 2:37am and I'm not going to college that's for sure, okay now that I the coast is clear and I don't see any zombies around the house the next step is to get the hell outta here hmm I'll take the car even though I can't drive yet it looks pretty simple. Alright it's now 2:40am and I'm now gathering some household equipment a few **** please report this topic, post **** knives, some medicine and bandages, maybe some food too I've just got enough room in my messenger bag. Okay it's now 2:43am and I'm just getting in the car it's my families Audi A3 I'm sure they won't mind seeing as they are dead. 2:45am I'm now on the road passing shops and streets filled with many more zombies than the ones around my house area. First stop is to go get some petrol, that petrol station across the roundabout looks pretty clear. Wow life is so much easier when everyone is dead and you can just take stuff better hurry with this petrol though I see a hoard approaching. 2:48am now I am heading for the motorway, I'm gonna go to London in search of survivors as none oh my mates will answer their phones they must not have made it . 2:50 I'm now on the motorway which is super clear of traffic because the time. Looks like I'll be in London in no time at all. It think the first place I will look is gonna be all the hospitals and then the underground. It's pretty amazing how I have survived so far but I guess it's just that I've kept my distance from the undead. 2:54 getting pretty rainy out here... what the hell there is like a huge light in the middle of the road OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING! To Be Continued... Yeah I was bored so I wrote a story haha :D
  6. You actually made a really good point there and something Hutch lacked on. Actually after reading what you just posted I've realised the the friend zone does indeed suck balls! Hey what do you think if I make a list on the original post including all the things people want to eliminate? That's if I get some more replies of course :)
  7. Just take a look at this video then tell me what you think about the "friend-zone". Edit: Freaking awesome School of Rock moment there dude!
  8. This is really weird but I hate it when adults don't tell the truth to young children when they ask an important and intellectual question, instead making up some fantasy story along the lines of "the magical elves did it" or "the Moon is made of cheese". I just think it's wrong to give children incorrect information because they are at the stage in life where they will learn about how things in the World work. I also believe that if a child is given made up information it could affect their intelligence. For example I know this seems a little bit serious but if parents stopped telling their children that Santa flies over the World in one night delivering presents through chimneys perhaps then the children would understand such factors as the size of the Earth, how air travel actually works (flying reindeer are you kidding me) Hold on... I think I just had a eureka moment whilst typing "kidding"! YEAH THAT'S IT STOP KIDDING KIDS THEN WE WILL BECOME SMARTER HUMANS!
  9. There is plenty of things in this World that can really piss people off. Things such as disease, crime, discrimination, conflict, abuse, and poverty are just a few examples. As a race us Humans are constantly having to put up with these things that we all wish ceased to ever exist on our planet, some being more personal and detailed than others. Perhaps there is a bully at your school who is giving you a tough time for no reason? Maybe there is something you believe to be true but others deny it with a passion? It could even be something you saw on T.V, read online, or heard from a friend that made you extremely angry or upset. For me, it would be the fact that there are hundreds of people that are locked up for life inside a cell for a crime that they have been wrongly accused for. That's just messed up. To finish here's a quote from the classic movie School of Rock: Dewey Finn: "Now, what makes you mad more than anything in the world?"
  10. I was thinking the same thing, but how do we use these two i's to our advantage?
  11. Well captain the end goal here is for us to find the mysterious treasure! You know what they say "X marks the spot"!
  12. Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense. Good job! Anyone else have any ideas as good as this one? I'm pretty stumped haha. - Waffles Why thank you kind sir , I've been trying figure it out some more since I wrote that last post but unfortunately I too am stumped. I'm looking forward to a potential theory video from yourself if we do eventually make sense of all this jibber jabber :)
  13. My idea is that this riddle is describing Frank Woods himself. Why I think this is because if he is alive this explains the lines "two lives"(one alive, one dead) and "In one, I am non-existent (the one where he is presumed dead). Now this is where the lines "two wheels" and "In the other, I gratify another commodity, of which you too have two" come in. What I see here is "two wheels" describing a wheelchair and the "commodity, of which you too have two" meaning a pair of legs that he lost in the explosion? I suppose it could also be describing Reznov with the whole non-existent thing too. Might as well throw one more guess as to who it is while I'm at it, the silhouette guy in the Kino painting anyone? I hope this all makes sense, and yes I do know Woods doesn't have much to do with zombies but he does share the same kind of unsolved mystery in a zombies kind of way.

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