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  1. Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me and since I have been up for close to 2 days now they probably were, but in the water a certain perk is out there floating all by its lonesome. Once again unless my eyes were playing tricks on me which knowing the map and my lack of sleep they 90% were, there may be a perk out there in the water floating.
  2. Tridalo

    Am I missing something about Semtex?

    Get the semtex, wait for an insta kill, throw you sticky at them or on the ground and boom there goes your train without wasting ammo or risking it trying to knife/knuckle them at higher rounds.
  3. Tridalo

    Opinions on Greenrun characters

    Russman: Easily my favorite character. Has very entertaining quotes and lines. And there is just something to hearing someone yell out "I need to go poop" or something like that quote while being chased by a hoard of zombies that makes it so much better. Samuel: He used to be my favorite however his constant yelling about needed cheese when he is out of ammo is getting on my nerves. Yes I understand you need ammo and cheese just shut up about it. Marlton: Love the voice actor who did his voice, depicted him perfectly. That being said though, the knife noise made me think he was a girl for awhile. Even after hearing his actual voice the knife voice still made me wonder. Misty: Hate her, she looks like skank trash because she is skank trash. I'd rather have the silent CIA/CDC guys to play as than her.
  4. Tridalo

    How Can These Zombies Survive Lava?

    If the zombies stay on fire or in the lava long enough will they die? This is something I've always wondered but never had the chance to test mainly because the people I play with are very impatient.
  5. Tridalo

    Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    Throwing my experience with this voice in here. Was playing last night with a few randumbs when one of them said "Behind you what?" The rest of us were confused. The randumb claimed he heard this voice, going back into theater mode of the game I didn't hear it when I went to his character. The randumb was Misty just like the topic creator states. I know nothing of this voice and have personally never heard it beyond the videos on this forum. While I am not taking the randumb's word on it he actually heard it, it was strange that out of the blue he said "behind you what", when the guy hadn't talked period before this.
  6. Tridalo

    Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    Jimmy has twittered yet again with something cryptic. Dunno if its related to Zombies and the EE but I figured might as well quote it here.
  7. Tridalo

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    Yeah well to be honest those leaderboards wouldn't look so horrid if randumbs didn't leave as soon as they go down in public games... and if treyarch would fix the leaderboards to not do that. I can tell you this much, I got my skull with knife after my solo tranzit game where I hit round 20. That whole game basically revolved around me getting the knuckles. Once I had them I spammed them. Basically all I did, that's also how I got killed. But maybe the knife has something to do with melee kills. It would make sense considering I was normal skull and then after that tranzit game where I used the knuckles more than an actual gun, it could have something to do with that.
  8. Tridalo

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    I am currently Skull with knife. Here are the rounds and averages. If I missed something let me know. TranZit:(solo): 20 (3): 17 (4): 17 TranZit Average: 18 Farm: (Solo): 31 Average: 31 Town: Haven't Played according to xbox leaderboards or elite and I know I have. Bus Depot: See town Grief Town: 1 win, 0 loss.
  9. Tridalo

    Characters Of Tranzit... *Updated*

    If you are asking why they don't turn, it was my understand that 115 only affected corpses. Of course its been awhile since I looked into the story but last time I looked I remember that 115 could only reanimate(zombiefy) corpses not living things.
  10. Tridalo

    The EMP

    People say if you listen that you can hear voices in the shelter and that one of the voices is Marlton. Personally I couldn't pick him out but I don't have that good of hearing as it is.
  11. Tridalo

    Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    Welp based on what I have seen, I will be having my TV muted if any moron activates the song. I do not need nor want a headache induced by robot sex sounds.
  12. Tridalo

    Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    Dubstep isn't music, it is noise. It is headache giving noise. The day dubstep starts getting put into games(don't know if it already is but I mean alot of games) is the day I stop being a gamer. People who listen to dubstep are probably the same type of idiots who think that a fax machine is music.

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