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  1. Never actually thought why I liked each map so this is gonna be a fun trip for me down memory lane. Natch: I haven't played this map enough to form an opinion on it however without it we wouldn't have zombies so I guess this is reason enough. Verruckt: The overall creepiness of the level. This is the only map I will not play solo simply because it gives me the creeps. Shi no numa: I think I have played this map twice so I don't have an opinion on it. Der Riese: Pack a punch and dogs spawning in normal rounds along with their own. Kino: Thundergun and the infamous "ladd
  2. The last patch that was applied has had some rather annoying affect on this map for me. Doesn't matter if it is solo or co-op but when a panzer spawns there is a high chance my game will lock up and I am forced to dashboard. Doesn't happen at any other time but as soon as a panzer spawns it starts lagging something fierce and I usually lock up by the 2nd panzer spawn if I didn't at the first. This did not happen pre-patch so is there any reason for this and is anyone else getting this issue?
  3. Wait it's a glitch? I thought it was a "reward" for the EE since we technically don't get one besides a cutscene.
  4. I can safely say I have never had a bunch of randoms that I could even consider slightly decent.
  5. All the screamo? I'm pretty sure some of the screaming is Elena due to the fact we know her screams from the other songs.
  6. They regain ammo, however what causes them to stop regaining ammo? Was in a 4 person game earlier and our wind staff glitched out and stopped regaining ammo when put back in the crazy place. All other staffs were fine.
  7. Maybe for the not so popular maps like Die Rise and Mob. But Tzit and now Origins, it is near impossible to even try unless you both pull in a 2nd screener.
  8. I wouldn't say a full cd but maybe a few songs, and maybe just maybe this time Clark gets a bigger role in the song, because in archangel I can only actually tell its him like 3 times.
  9. This version of zombies will never stick out as good or even decent to me if only for one reason. The fact that we cannot do 2/3 player matches without jumping through hoops. It's like why put those leaderboards there if we have to jump through hoops to even use them. 3arc better not pull this crap again in their next game if zombies is still around.
  10. Most Difficult: 1.Nuketown 2.Tranzit 3.Origins 4.Mob 5.Die Rise 6.Buried Most Fun: 1.Origins 2.Die Rise(Origins and this are interchangable) 3.Mob 4.Buried 5.Nuketown 6.Tranzit Best Layout/Atmosphere 1.Mob 2.Origins 3.Tranzit(I hated traveling though it but the fog made this map eerie IMO) 4.Die Rise 5.Buried 6.Nuketown
  11. Thanks for the tip but we don't use custom games for this we use public match for it, we had an issue with a previous EE not working for us in custom. Anyway, this isn't a one time thing either, we have never actually gotten past the elemental fist part of the EE, even if we all have elemental fists we never get a prompt and in zombie blood sam says "Wield a fist of iron" or something like that, don't remember exact quote. Even then, we always end up with a duplicate staff its not always Ice but if we move the staffs into the crazy place after we all have our elemental fists, one of
  12. We got to the part where we had to kill the zombies to get our upgraded fists, which we all did. We didn't get a quote to continue so we just assumed we could, we put the staffs into the crazy place and killed zombies in there for 4 rounds. Nothing happened. We assumed we did something wrong and took the staffs back down to the excavation site. When we got down there we had a duplicate Ice staff. We had the ice staff that one of my friends had, and one in the statue. I picked it up and was able to use it. When I picked the the Thunder Staff again, the duplicate Ice staff went back into it
  13. I've seen this so many times although I've never actually noticed a change in my rank or tally marks.
  14. The N4 didn't click with me for some reason. I don't know why but the only one I could remotely stand is Russman. The rest just, bugged me, can't explain why for Marlton but Stu and Misty I can explain easily. Stu, Tranzit he just was that annoying guy who was always talking about conspiracies, Die rise the voices, and buried he flat out said nothing memorable in my book. Misty, the way she dresses or doesn't dress is a start, then her voice just makes me want to kick babies. I cannot stand her voice at all, don't know why but I just, bleh if I am playing solo and get her I restart u
  15. Mine has nothing to do with risks, it has to do with it not protecting my back when its supposed to. My cousin was witness to it, she was dead and watching my screen when a zombie slapped me from behind, she said the first hit got blocked but the 2nd hit from it went through and that caused me to die. So I don't know if it doesn't fully block against doubleslaps but it is annoying as heck.
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