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CoDz Themed Wristband: "Revive Me Bro"

Covert Gunman

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Alright, question time. If I were to have a company make some Zombie themed wristbands, would you guys be interested in buying them? They would be a red color with "BRAAAAIINS" debossed on the front, and "Zombie Killer In All Of Us" debossed on the back. They would cost a $1.50 each, but they would be pretty cool, in my opinion.

Also, if you guys have other ideas for possible wristbands, let me know here.

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Here are some other ideas that were submitted to me via PM:

Juggernog: Reach for Juggernog Tonight

Quick Revive: You need a little revive

Double tap rootbeer: You thirsty partner?

Speedcola: Speed cola speeds up your life

Stamin-up: Sounds like it's STAAAAmin up time

Mule Kick: El Burro

DeadShot: With the headshot power of dead shot Daiquiri.

PHD Flopper: Slap your body to the floor, every body needs some more of your explosive lovin'

Each wristband color would closely match the corresponding perk color, and they could also have the perk icons on the wristbands as well.

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If I were to open it up to pre orders, would you all be cool with that? We would only do one design here to start off to see how things would go, but then later on we could expand to multiple designs. Since that is the case, which design would you all like to see first?

Hmmm, could we see like "revive me bro, i haz raygun"

Or the PHD Flopper one?

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