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  1. Okay...I just got internet back with a awesomely awesome new computer and a awesomely awesome phone to go with it ^-^ so I'm always connected now C: Anyways for those that don't know me I'm Wolfie, The Badassest Badass You'll ever meet. I have deleted people on my ps3 so people can add me as a friend. I've only got a few spots left so you better be on your toes!! I'm also getting Blops: Declassified if anyone is looking for a buddy to play with~
  2. Wolfie


    After about a week of playing it i finally beat that skinny S.O.B. >. wondering if anyone else played and beat it :L
  3. I got really sick and crap o: was in the hospital for awhile, i feel so ....empty w/o a color to my name anymore :C I gotta Ps Vita for my birthday
  4. Hey everyone Im back and hopefully for good, Ive been sick like a long time and crud and b/c i was sick i couldnt keep in contact with anyone 3 but I'm back and crud now Yippe, everyone dance !!!!! o3o I wouldve came back sooner but my stepdad put a virus on my computer....so I waited for like a month for him to get the anti-virus So yea.....I'm expecting a big fat ol' virtual hug from all you guys > and anything i miss over my absence I should know about?! Btw the website is too flashy for me now D: someone help me out please and thankyew !!!
  5. how can i participate in this playdate ? o:
  6. Nice to meetcha Im Wolfie and I'd be glad to play w/ ya one day Ive got internet again and be willing to play almost anytime of everyday :3 PSn is in the sig Im prolly gonna have to delete some people that i don't talk to anymore before I can add u or u can add me :?
  7. watch Air gear o.o and all the previous ones i said but watch air gear 1st , you'll fall in love with it :D
  8. watched the 1st season and as soon as season 2 came i lost cable >.> now i have it back and im seeing "walking dead is returning on sunday" well i saw like the 1st part of Episode 1 of season 2 .... i wanna know what happens to the wittle girl :C
  9. i know every time my friend gets a python from the box in zombies he's like Im (that guy that i cant remember his name now , main character , the one in the coma ) for the Walking dead and talks about season 2 and i have to mute him b/c he wont shut up about it and i dont wanna be spoiled :C
  10. Okay, I lost my cable as soon as the 1st half of season 2 started and i was wondering if theres somewhere where i can watch that 1st have of season 2 before the other have of season 2 starts on sunday o-o
  11. someone should give this guy a brain b/c i already used mines today :C
  12. I KNEW IT WAS U i saw one of ur post while scrolling through alot of stuff and i knew i saw ur name, thought my head was playing tricks on me til i went to the intro-page WELL ANYWAYS...... Welcome back , theres so much u missed like ....... i dunno b/c i havent been on much either :x but yea what everyone else said and whatnot. Glad to have u back on the team/organization/club/cult/whatever Here's ur 1st brain, on this new account of yours and whatnot, treasure it w/ ur life O: Live every week....LIKE ITS SHARK WEEK!!!!
  13. arggh ....wish i wasnt scared of zombies back then when WaW came out then i would have a chance at answering this ..... :facepalm:
  14. Right u are sir pie u was close i was hoping that u would change ur answer when i was at school and stuff , wish i could give a consultation prize :C
  15. kay guess its my turn for asking Who reviles that they have a 5yr old daughter out of the 4 guardians and what r they gonna buy for this 5yr old daughter when she she is older ??!? pretty easy if u ask me
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