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  1. No, No, No not me I have way to much stuff I need to get done and I know I dont want someone eating my face......
  2. Ok so thats the fourth in miami dade county and now there not claiming lsd saying that he took bath salts. There also has been an incident in houston tx, georga, and just today someone in new jersey cut himself open and threw his intestines at the police!!! If you want the info that Im getting, he is my source (these guys are hard core and dont joke either) http://zombiepreparedness.org/.
  3. I also have been following this story since yesterday. Today they are claiming bad LSD... we all know better! Plus they say this is the 4th attack like this, recently! The person get super hot take off there clothes then eat each other!!!
  4. As a reminder introduction topics are for new users and users who have been away for a long time. It is not meant for a current users who are wanting the medal!!! If its persists the violators medals will be removed!! If you would like the intro medal and have been with us for a long time and never made an intro make one, your ok. If you made an intro in the past please pm a staff member and we can verify and give you that medal.
  5. So he didnt actually take the credit. When we merged the topics, we saw both topics were done at the same time, literally! The system during the merge then put the post in order of when they were added. Sorry about the confusion but hope this helps a bit!
  6. Welcome (back)!!! We have all missed you if you cant tell! How are all things in the big world of Treyarch? Busy I hope!
  7. Just a bit of work, Nator! DaPikmin like Ehjookayted said all the post will be moved to one section so we can move them back into the topics if need be. Also it wont affect anybodies post count.
  8. Hello all of CoDz!! Over the next few weeks the staff will be doing some cleaning of the topics. We will be moving out the post that are no longer active, now don't worry if we think it will be used again in the future or it is still active it will be left. If theres a post you think is missing and we should still have up please pm a staff member so we can bring it back to life! Thanks Lissa110 CoDz Staff
  9. Welcome back old friend!! Long time no see! :D
  10. The site was never meant to be a money maker. Undead is right we will not make the site a place to make money off of. Our Founder Carbon put all his time and money into the site and didnt earn a dollar from it. We will continue in this manner. When the time comes for our dear friend Covert to leave we will then be making more changes to continue the growth of the site and yes there will be more staff changes at that time, Im sure!
  11. Congrats to all who won!! Hope everybody had fun!
  12. Im glad you decided to finally join us!
  13. Hi! Welcome to the site. We have alot to enjoy! We even have our own group for the ladies its called the ZOMBshes! You have now been added to this most awesome group
  14. lissa110


    There are no personal attacks going on when we remove posts there is always a reason. Right now we just want to keep this topic in this section only! We also dont want the flaming or new teams to spread, while we are working through this!
  15. lissa110


    As a reminder we at no point said we werent going to have teams again. But we have started to notice little flare ups here and there and current setting for the teams are a bit overwhelming. As previously discussed we will be coming up with new changes for the future of our site. Please be patient with us. I do think you guys will like the future of teams on CoDz.
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