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  1. Actually, at the time of World War 1, they only called it the "Great War." We didnt start calling them WW1 and WW2 until after the second world war. Since Nikolai mentions the two world wars plus an additional one, that hasnt happened yet, I assume it's just indicating that the NO4 have been traveling through time in both the future and the past.
  2. Super jealous about the stuff they'll be giving to attendees, to think I was about to go to comic con this year too. Super read drop all my money on prestige edition though (betting on something zombies related to be included in it)
  3. Would love to see a Hotel remake. Probably my favorite map on Black Ops and I had so many good times on it.
  4. This type of discussion really makes me hopeful for BO3, I can't wait! In my opinion, adding every map through Origins would be fantastic. I would prefer if they release each game's map remakes along side other map packs throughout 2016. I'd only want some graphical updates and a few extra features and small easter eggs that add more to the story. Also it would give Treyarch some redemption on some mistakes that's been mentioned already. Also ​I'm with you there!
  5. THIS -Maps with tons of replay ability -Hopefully more Easter eggs that are as good as moon -Continuation of the story from Moon Also want that same zombies feel from Black Ops, can't explain it but that was the time I most enjoyed zombies and it's story.
  6. qwest

    Donation link

    Thanks! It doesn't show up on mobile but now that I'm on my pc I could see it.
  7. qwest

    Donation link

    I was looking to donate to the site but I can't find the donation button/link on the new site. Any help?
  8. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XcHDICdxI7Y
  9. I'm pretty sure me and my friends hold the world record for this. We completed it in 69:40. If anybody has done it faster please post a link to a video so we can tell if this is true or not. Team was Rybanz, Gamer Oneil, Motive LN, and me! Thanks for reading and please post a comment below
  10. qwest

    Origins EE now

    Sorry man, I thought I posted this there :shock: if a mod could transfer the thread I'd appreciate it very much :D
  11. qwest

    Origins EE now

    Need 3 people who know what they're doing. Must know most the steps and must be a decent zombies player. I don't know how to do the fire staff challenge or the wind so I'lll need help with that. Gt is phasers0nstun
  12. Alright I could be wrong but couldn't we be seeing a more serious Richtofen in this map? I can't remember but I think at one point of his life he just went insane but I don't remember why since I haven't been dwelling into the storyline recently. Sorry and correct me if I'm wrong
  13. Well if you haven't already seen MrRoflWaffle's video on the ending dialogue for the Buried Richtofen EE, then you might want to go check that out first. Link below: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SAbcX_b_w8U Anyways, at the ending of the Richtofen EE, he gets full control of the Aether letting him be able to almost anything he desires. He ends up sharing bodies with Samuel, for a reason I don't know. Now in the ending of the Maxis Easter Egg, maxis becomes the demonic announcer and quotes that he is going to kill everyone on the earth. I haven't seen the ending to maxis's side so that part might not be fully true, I just based it from what I've heard. To me it sounds like the conclusion of the zombies storyline is coming SOON, not now but maybe the next game or even within dlc 4 or the rumored 5th. What do you guys think? Please leave a comment below.
  14. qwest

    Its me

    Never actually posted an intro when I first joined the site, but here I am! Some of you call me pancake, others, wunder. I love to play zombies, along with Minecraft.I post here from time to time, but use to be a regular. Well, I guess, that's that. Nice to finally post an introduction. -Pancakes
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