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  1. animation drawn by hand is fun but man is it hard

  2. kronorium.com for all your apothicon and keeper translation needs

  3. I shut down the power for the night. we must conserve the gasoline, so i am told, because the Emperor is in doubt of the usefulness of our research here at the Rising run Facility, and that resupplying the facility will now occur every other month rather than our usually scheduled weekly drops. Hopefully, the new meteor site produces higher grade samples, ones we can actually use. Wait is that a plane I hear. The resupply is not scheduled for another week. I see a bright light in the sky... Solved it using a Cryptogram, letter changes are here. By the way, where is this cipher located?
  4. Don't know if it has been discovered already, but found a radio in lab A next to the workbench.
  5. Found this cipher down in the bunker where you build the WW as well as upgrade it. The cipher text itself is: You can translate it using Letter Numbers, and the message is as follows:
  6. Wish I posted more like I used to years ago

    1. ZombieOfTheDead


      Same. My problem is that the activity here is low nowadays, and I've got nothing to talk about. If off topic was more active again, I might hang out here more.

  7. My cousins got me into World at War back when it came out, but I was so terrified of zombies. I actually first played zombies a bit before Der Riese came out, and was wrapped up in trying to uncover the story. I actually was on the original CoDz website under a different name, but really joined in during GKNova6. Hard to believe I've actually been invested in this story since '09, I was actually talking with Nick (Strwrsbob) about this recently and recapping all the good old memories from the past 7 years. Sadly I've only become a relatively decent player within the past couple months.
  8. That's what I meant, the effect changes when you upgrade the sword, so lightning when nonupgraded and ghost sword when upgraded.
  9. Yes, there are 2 sword models, non-upgraded and upgraded. The names are changed and I think there's maybe a difference in what the swords can do but that's about it.
  10. There are actually 4 swords in the map, one for each character. Each sword is individually named but have the same function. Blue swords, or Apothicon swords, aren't upgraded but can be, in which they become the Reborn or Keepers sword (more powerful and changed ability).
  11. Fun fact: there are quotes in the sound files regarding the EE step involving Nero's book (which I'm assuming weren't actually put in because no EE dialogue ffs). I think Jessica's quote is the most interesting because it specifically mentions the Keepers and their purpose. This can be heard at the 15:52 mark in this video.
  12. These quotes they say are altered versions of their Origins starting quotes. Dempsey: "Field report. Confirming arrival at site identified in our intel. No sign of the target nor the other agents believed to be on intercept course. Dempsey out." "Target area appears affected by an unknown contaminant. Enemy personnel had degenerated to their primal instincts, exhibiting irrational and unparalleled savagery. Recommend all allied units set up exclusion zone until further intel is available." "Confirming reports of large-scale mechanization by the Ge
  13. Unlocking the Chalkboard Secrets I think you'll find lots of information in this post!
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