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  1. Plus the rooftop level is basically die rise! Next will likely be a snowy map like the dog arena or the martyr arena, and maybe even the beach like the round 1-4 arena.
  2. That's incorrect it has been proven multiple times that arrow order is not the sole determinant of hittin bonus rooms
  3. Can I add another category? I think another category should be attitude. A person's attitude includes how they carry themselves, how they view the game of zombies, and how they respond to a controversy or conflict, whether during a game (giving up, battling it out, etc.) or elsehwere.
  4. For example, my Dead Ops guide is nearly a year old so I am going to make a brand new one that is way different from the first. As time goes on we not only add on to old strategies but we make new ones which are far superior than the originals.
  5. A little late there my friend In other news my world record Dead Ops Arcade game is finally uploaded. Here it is Since I beat round 128 I technically made it to round 129, which would make that the record correct? P6XPk2zpTeI
  6. Dead Ops Arcade.A game which few have come to know and love. Dead Ops may not be as popular as zombies, but it is just as fun. At first I said ehh, I think I will play Ascension or Shangri-La instead. DoA was something different, so why should I try it? Eventually Ascension seemed boring so I decided to play a game of Dead Ops. Once I played it there was no going back. Dead Ops has many things that have a degree of appeal beyond that of normal zombies. Dead Ops has so many aspects to it that it is impossible to describe them all to a strictly "zombies" player. It is my personal belief that DoA is more in depth than any zombies map is. (we're talking gameplay here NOT storyline) What Dead Ops lacks in storyline it makes up for in gameplay. For one, the color scheme is so vibrant- blue, red, orange, yellow, green, white, grey. You name it, it's there. Dead Ops is alive, the colors are always changing and the setting may look completely different from one minute to the next. In zombies the setting may change, but you are in the same map for hours on end. Usually you are even staying in the same area running a train, so it's lather, rinse, repeat. The beauty in Dead Ops comes in its unpredictability. You drop a nuke, but where will the zombies spawn next? The weapon you have or the multiplier you are protecting can change at any moment. In Dead Ops you can never let your guard down. In zombies if you get hit once or twice you still have plenty of time to react. If a zombie slaps you in DoA, it's game over. Another unique aspect is the treasure. Picking up treasure gives you a higher multiplier, which gives confidence. There aren't many things more satisfying than picking up a big fat gem to get a maxed out x9 multiplier except for things you can do with it. The zombies in DoA vary so much. Engineers, dogs, and martyrs are all very different but bring entertainment to the game. It's like no mans land or Der Riese with zombies who fall from the sky in random spots. Although they can screw you it can be pretty funny at times. DoA would not be the same without the dreaded dogs. As much as everyone hates them, they are essential in making DoA so great. Zombies and dogs do the craziest things. They do backflips, 180s, run in circles and who knows what. Then there's the cosmic silverback; how many times do you face anyone like him in zombies? None. He steals your treasure and isn't afraid to kill you in the process. He is an absolute juggernaut. You can unload into him and he still doesn't die. The monkey rounds are more fun than any round I have ever played. The feeling of relief when you hear his last growl and gems start flying everywhere is indescribable. The cosmic silverback is the icon of Dead Ops Arcade, and rightfully so. Dead Ops Arcade is great because of the guns and pick-ups in it. Each gun has its strengths and weaknesses, and may spawn on you at any random time. One second you might be holding a death machine, and the next you might have a flamethrower. Items such as teddy bears and barrels keep the game interesting. This is Dead Ops, a game made great by the intricacies it holds. It is my hope that in the future more players will enjoy Dead Ops as much as I do. Dead Ops has potential to be really popular. Most people who play it like it way more than regular zombies, because every game is so much different. If a second DoA was released it could become really popular if advertised. A big reason why DoA isn't that popular is it was a hidden game mode where you have to enter a code to get it. Despite this factor, more people have played Dead Ops than any single dlc map. People play it, and if handled correctly DoA could be the next big thing. Instead of hiding it in a secret computer on the main menu, have commercials for it showing the cosmic silverback, room of fate, etc. so people know more about it. In the first few months of its release there was so much mystery surrounding Dead Ops that people didn't even know if it went past round 40. I have seen loads of comments on Youtube where a noob calls out someone for hacking because they have an unlimited death machine. For some that is common knowledge but for others it obviously isn't. If people know about the game they are playing they are much more likely to enjoy it. Another advertising ploy can be used by comparing Dead Ops with geometry wars. The two games are so similar yet geo wars is way more popular. If you advertise directly towards geometry wars fans there isn't any doubt that you would pull in many players from that. Also note that Activision owns geometry wars and Dead Ops so they could use this. Thirdly, there are still plenty of people who play DoA on a regular basis, myself included. We all would do so much for another Dead Ops. ImALilBetter says that he would "drop 100 bucks for Dead Ops alone." I would too, and I have a strong feeling that every other high caliber DoA player would also. There are still so many players playing Dead Ops. I get just as many, if not more, DoA videos from my subscriptions on youtube as I do for normal zombies. Bluntman1631 was talking with me the other day when he said "look at the hundreds of videos on youtube that are for Dead Ops Arcade. how can there not be a Dead Ops 2?" Zombies. A game we have all come to know and love for a variety of reasons. It has brought us together as a community, the best community on the internet to be precise. The members of CoDz have a bond with each other which is unlike any other. With such a bond I believe (strikethrough) I know we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Look at the people on this site like Superhands, Choppernator, Tom, Ehjookayted, and many others who have changed the game of zombies itself. Their awesome videos, strategies, and most importantly their love of the game have revolutionized the way zombies is played today. Now let's take a look at the theorists- people such as AlphaSnake, Tactical insertion, Mixmasternut, BlindBusDrivr, Monopoly Mac; The list goes on and on. Their incredible theories and devotion for learning more have even changed the way story of zombies itself. Treyarch themselves took many ideas from the beloved users of this site. Whenever this community unites to accomplish something, we get the job done and then some. Now I call upon you, the peoples of CoDz, to unite. I envision a game mode in Black Ops 2 called Dead Ops Arcade Two, but without your help I do not see this coming true. That is why I need you, the community, to back me up. Dead Ops has so much potential we can't let it go to waste. When we show Treyarch how much support there is for Dead Ops and its future, what other choice will they have than to make a Dead Ops 2? This is our time to show Treyarch what we can accomplish when we band together. I refuse to let Dead Ops go down without a fight, so who's with me?
  7. I haven't uploaded the WR round yet. The highest I have on youtube so far is 120, which is below. I'm uploading 125-128 tomorrow sometime.
  8. Who goes down? For me 90% of the time I go down by trying and failing to revive someone.
  9. If you use m&s to save yourself it will likely be while gathering a horde. This means that you will not be killin a full horde, because not all tw zombies are there yet. This would be a waste of ammo and would therefore restrict te amount of kills possible.
  10. First impression after reading= box whore :twisted: Great thread- [brains] Pros don't need anything other than a controller to survive. The only exception is that on CotD you can't get far with just your weapon, you need teammates.
  11. There's a new world record for Dead Ops Arcade Solo. Round 129, held by spoiler--> xFaTaLx RaMpAgE
  12. Nacht der Untoten in a 2 player game. You have an lmg and an AR. You guys are both camping upstairs and your partner goes down. How do you revive him?
  13. Let all of your teammates die on ascension. (or play solo) Then do the lander glitch, which will kill you. The game will end by giving you a pretty funny error message.
  14. There's a new world record for Dead Ops, and unfortunately I'm not one of the players. :cry: The good news is I don't think it will ever be beaten, so I can claim a share of the title in the near future. 8-) Why won't it ever be beaten? There are 4 reasons. 1. Cosmic Silverback 2. Another silverback 3. A third Cosmic 4. A 4th Cosmic Silverback! Enjoy these guys getting destroyed :twisted: EDIT: apparently I can't get the video working so here is the link. Anyone want to try their hand at putting the video in here? The 10 letters/#s after the equal sign didn't work like they normally do.
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