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  1. If you use m&s to save yourself it will likely be while gathering a horde. This means that you will not be killin a full horde, because not all tw zombies are there yet. This would be a waste of ammo and would therefore restrict te amount of kills possible.
  2. First impression after reading= box whore :twisted: Great thread- [brains] Pros don't need anything other than a controller to survive. The only exception is that on CotD you can't get far with just your weapon, you need teammates.
  3. It doesn't matter who goes but it prolly shouldn't be me! xD
  4. The answer is Richtofen's head. 1. This is unique in the world of zombies~~ Richthofen has a unique way of looking at things, plus every face is unique. 2. This is abundant in Dead Ops Arcade~~watch video 3. This is where it all began~~zombies were created by Richtofen's imagination and power lust, both of which come from his head 4. This is not a whole- a head is not an entre body, and Richtofen's is missing a few things 5. This is both abstract and concrete~~Obviously a head is concrete but can also be abstract 6. This first appeared in WaW~~ Richtofen was in WaW, so naturally his head was too. 7. This is an Un-inanimate object~~double negative basically meaning it can move, which heads can do. 8. This is composed of organic matter~~Anything living is made of organic matter (carbon based matter) 9. This is a body part~~duh 10. This imaginED zombies; afterWARD it controlled them.~~Richtofen's first name, focus on the caps! At first he imagined them with his head, then in moon he is controlling them with the abstract part of his head. And what else can imagine things besides a head? 11. This can use all 5 senses~~Heads can see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. No other body part can do that! A dead giveaway to the head. In conclusion, you can use the last 2 clues to put together the answer, Richtofen's head. Richtofen's head xD -0wXpRKBK0c
  5. Should I give the answer? I will check back at 6 eastern time if 2 or more people say no then I won't give it.
  6. Since you guys haven't figured it out yet I will give 1 more clue. 1. This is unique in the world of zombies 2. This is abundant in Dead Ops Arcade 3. This is where it all began 4. This is not a whole 5. This is both abstract and concrete 6. This first appeared in WaW 7. This is an Un-inanimate object 8. This is composed of organic matter 9. This is a body part 10. This imaginED zombies; afterWARD it controlled them. 11. This can use all 5 senses
  7. Quintuple brains??? My final offer. You guys are overthinking this one.
  8. How does Nacht move? Is it made of organic matter?
  9. Quadruple brains? You guys are close you just have to put it all together. Like how did it all begin in a spleen? You have to work through to find it.

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