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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!

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  1. Plus the rooftop level is basically die rise! Next will likely be a snowy map like the dog arena or the martyr arena, and maybe even the beach like the round 1-4 arena.
  2. That's incorrect it has been proven multiple times that arrow order is not the sole determinant of hittin bonus rooms
  3. Can I add another category? I think another category should be attitude. A person's attitude includes how they carry themselves, how they view the game of zombies, and how they respond to a controversy or conflict, whether during a game (giving up, battling it out, etc.) or elsehwere.
  4. For example, my Dead Ops guide is nearly a year old so I am going to make a brand new one that is way different from the first. As time goes on we not only add on to old strategies but we make new ones which are far superior than the originals.
  5. A little late there my friend In other news my world record Dead Ops Arcade game is finally uploaded. Here it is Since I beat round 128 I technically made it to round 129, which would make that the record correct? P6XPk2zpTeI
  6. Dead Ops Arcade.A game which few have come to know and love. Dead Ops may not be as popular as zombies, but it is just as fun. At first I said ehh, I think I will play Ascension or Shangri-La instead. DoA was something different, so why should I try it? Eventually Ascension seemed boring so I decided to play a game of Dead Ops. Once I played it there was no going back. Dead Ops has many things that have a degree of appeal beyond that of normal zombies. Dead Ops has so many aspects to it that it is impossible to describe them all to a strictly "zombies" player. It is my personal belief that DoA
  7. I haven't uploaded the WR round yet. The highest I have on youtube so far is 120, which is below. I'm uploading 125-128 tomorrow sometime.
  8. To add to this list if you run near a napalm zombie it will explode (kills itself). You can also shoot, throw grenades, or lay spikemores on babies to kill them
  9. Combat knife, Bowie knife, killing with guns, PhD flopper, kicking babies, napalm explosion, fire trap left on floor by dead napalm guy, spikemores, monkey bomb, frag grenade, Semtex grenade, direct impact grenade/Semtex/monkey during instakill, minecart, shrieker, waterfall trap?(the one where the stone says do not press X/ Δ), waterfall slide after PaPing, shooting a monkey with jgb(makes it disappear), keep a crawler or zombie around too long and it will bleed out, shoot a zombies head off and it dies a little later, shooting ballistic knife.
  10. Who goes down? For me 90% of the time I go down by trying and failing to revive someone.
  11. If you use m&s to save yourself it will likely be while gathering a horde. This means that you will not be killin a full horde, because not all tw zombies are there yet. This would be a waste of ammo and would therefore restrict te amount of kills possible.
  12. First impression after reading= box whore :twisted: Great thread- [brains] Pros don't need anything other than a controller to survive. The only exception is that on CotD you can't get far with just your weapon, you need teammates.
  13. There's a new world record for Dead Ops Arcade Solo. Round 129, held by spoiler--> xFaTaLx RaMpAgE
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