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  1. From my experience monkeys always come for the drop but they do vary in the time they take to grab the drop depending on how far away you are from the spawn So basically if you are farther back in the map the longer they will take to get there .... That might have happend or maybe they glitches out, damn those glitches :lol:
  2. I think that second idea is really cool , I'd love to see hitler implemented into a German map as a zombie boss like George or the astronaut ... Brains for your idea!
  3. Yea I agree! Sometimes I'm amazed at what treyarch does with Easter eggs and how they come up with stories ... Personally I don't really bother with mw and I think that the zombies storyline is one of the greatest stories I've ever known of or at least what we do know of it ! :lol:
  4. Where did you get xerum 525 from, it sounds interesting :)
  5. personally id love too but i don't know how to do it or have world at war for pc ... we should find some one who can though it would be amazing to see the ideas come to life
  6. Soo ... why doesn't any body make these into custom maps in the mean time ?
  7. Well if this is a game i can see that the world at war weapons would be there because the guy is shooting a type 100 Also it's a spetznas that's on the front because he has a red hat he's wearing , I can't remember the name I think it's a berray So we have some info just on the cover IF it is a game, can anyone make out the city or letters in the background ?
  8. I'd want a gas mask perk for those annoying crawlers!
  9. Well this could be a last map... I'm sure the illuminati could have richtofens research and possibly a teleporter I can defiantly see the crew going there to learn more about richtofen or to get one of his weapons to stop him and help Sam Also this is a part of richtofen that is still a mystery and it could explain the storyline better
  10. I actually love all the songs even coming home, I give huge props to Kevin Sherwood cuz he's the one that plays every single instrument on the songs AND he writes them too, you know how hard that is and to sync everything up ? ..it's amazing. Also I'm pretty sure it's getting even harder for him to do this cuz now he has to incorporate the easter eggs and Sam's point of view in the lyrics without giving too much away, this guy is a genius for doing that Lastly Elena has a beautiful voice that goes so good with his music, and she interprets the lyrics incredibly , I feel like their team up is part of zombies now and I'm always excited to hear what's next, I wouldn't change them ... They're classic
  11. This is a cool idea, I'd probably get them all It'd be funny to get some weapon ones like " I GOT THE RAY GUN! " or " quick revive me I have MONKEYS!"
  12. thats pretty cool, you must be on to something here
  13. Well now that I've spent hours of my life playing I some times talk to my self with Richthofen's voice ... It's actually really fun :lol:
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