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  1. Just an idea that has been around for awhile which it isn't my idea. I made a post as just a reminder for everyone. You know that Treyarch added peacekeeper submachine gun addition to your selection of guns for multiplayer from a map pack. I am saying that for zombies, there should be WW2 guns pack for zombies. This will possibly be a money maker for treyarch If they did this. When you buy the WW2 gun pack, it doesn't replace the guns that are available in the maps. It just adds more guns. If there is a small map that can't put all weapons at once. The map gives you a maximum number
  2. I do know about the sun's song but this was before I got the song. Those redeads look like raping Link when they attack and you hear strange noises while getting attacked. :shock:
  3. Speaking of Zelda Ocarina of time game, I remember there was a graveyard the you fall into the hole and end up in a strange creepy underground dungeon. Then you see those thin brown standing creatures. When you get near them, they grab you quickly and eat the shit out of you. I remember getting scared shitless when I was little. :?
  4. My first time experience with video game was when I was little, I first played Pitfall on Atari 2600 system. This was only almost 15 years ago, the atari is out of my generation time. But it was my first experience playing a video game. My favorite three classic games: DOOM PC Perfect Dark N64 Bad Dudes NES
  5. My favorite Video Game soundtrack is from DOOM Series. BSsfjHCFosw 43aj3ag3H1c
  6. Sorry for a long response, I tried to tell him to try take the picture again but he couldn't because he has to work at the 3rd floor tonight. And I done a EVP recording at my Grandparent's house just two months ago. My Grandma died last year and I tried to contact her spirit through audio recorder. I did get the response, a loud tapping and sounded like footsteps above you. It is creepy. Also, I did solo in the house for hours. Quite a experience...
  7. My father recently had a job to replace lights at almost every school in town as electrical contractor. Yesterday, I asked him to take photos of old broilers that used to heat up the school. Then last night he took the picture and nobody was in that room at the time. But just himself and another guy that he worked with. I caught something in this picture and it was freaky. You hardly can see it. But I also tweaked the photo and added outline to assist what it looks like. Creepy... :shock:
  8. List of my biggest fears 1. lot of small maps 2. No perk cap increase by 2 or more 3. Classic maps might be not back 4. Maybe no more WaW guns ever again 5. underpowered weapons 6. Nova 6 zombies might be back 7. Maybe more type of enemies like George Romero or astronaut might be back in a different form. I hated them for ruining the gameplay. 8. No more WWII based zombie maps with WaW guns. :(
  9. Things can just happen when you find any kind of weapons are available in each maps. Can you expect every map to have All fully modern guns? For example, what if there is a old abandoned map from any past time era. Would you expect to find futuristic modern guns? no.... You find older weapons. [email protected] guns need to be back, I am tired of saying this for almost two years for me already. Treyarch is not going to do anything about it. They just go off to different time period. I believe they won't add World at war guns in zombies ever again. :(
  10. I can just pictured a map, abandoned base. It is so dark but has dim few lights through halls and rooms. The place is all worn out, dirty, bloody, and fill with junk everywhere. You hear creepy ambient sounds or dead silence until when you turn around to see nobody around. A zombie pops up towards to your screen very quickly and loud. That would scare sh*tless to players. Or something more creepier like an Poltergeist attacks you. If you to go buy some more ammo or something similar, then a object on the ground flies towards to your screen and harms you much. That you need to run away from and
  11. The second weapon just looks like MG-42 to me. I am not really sure.
  12. Rap doesn't sound right to zombies survival at all. I personally don't like rap music, it's not music to me. But teh shrew has a point why. I prefer Rock, Metal, Punk, or Funk *it is a perfect grooving genre music*
  13. I googled wolf's lair, It's great for a zombie map with WW2 era guns. I can see as a zombie map, I like it. :)
  14. Why kino map would have wind sock? Kino is abandoned theater from WWII era but with a satellite tower with futuristic equipment on it with wind sock? I don't think this is from kino at all. It doesn't make any sense. EDIT 1: But Kino back in WW2 era, It was a demostration of the teleporter to the nazis. But why have a wind sock on the satellite tower on the building? Notice the skyline of the picture, I can tell its not from kino. Its like more futuristic building roofs. Because it doesn't have a european taste to it by the roofs shaped like triangular by the windows.
  15. It will not work on player vs player, But ONLY on player vs computer. I already said it. I never said anything THAT would work with player vs player. Which i didn't mentioned before. I don't really care about trolls, they are fools. Because they just want this idea to be overused like MP40 in WaW multiplayer or piss off players with it. @Humble Soldier: Why not the clip size? It doesn't really affect the play that much. What you said was just a attachment which it is not good enough. It sounds dull by just adding the attachments. There is no more excitement with it... EDIT 1: I am qu
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