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  1. Pretty sure when WaW came out I was like .. 14/15.. 20 now I'll be 21 next month. If I had kids I'd wait til around 7 years of age.
  2. You're a fool. None of said "FAKE!" We simply said we choose not to believe it until there is proof. It is called being rational. You, on the other hand, support gullibility? You would be surprised what some people do to get attention. That is not true. Maybe you called it that. Maybe your friends did. However, I call it Der "Rees". I actually found out German necessitates Der "Reez-ae", and I would've called it that, had I not found out that Treyarch always pronounces it Der "Rees", so I've called it that. I took German for 4 years I'm pretty sure I pronounced it correctly all the time, even the devs would call it "Reese" when that's totally wrong lol. My friends called it Reese, always made me cringe, just sounds stupid lol.
  3. They why not make the name of the game mode Transit? BECAUSE IT'S ZOMBIES Die Rise......TranZit. That's the name, no mix of maps, no mix of languages, its just a bad pun. It's just a bad pun nothing more nothing less. Haha I meant Die RiZe
  4. I thought it was kinda a play towards Der Riese, because everyone literally everyone ALWAYS called it Der Rise, because they were either lazy to say it correctly or whatever. I feel like this will be on par from Der Riese.
  5. So basically what I am seeing here is..that they're taking a little note from.. Dead Rising 2, where you could combine weapons/tools, to make something out of it. Interesting.. I like it. I.E. Lawnmower + 2x4.. makes you able to pick up the lawnmower by the 2x4(attaching it to the top of the lawnmower) and using the spinning blades on the bottom to make a soupy zombie.
  6. Apparently we go by bus or navigate on foot, between each zone.
  7. Looks like at each stop, it goes up one level or difficulty. Starts adding in more bones and skulls. Maybe these could be challenges in each sector? Like there's on with a knife, there one with two shotguns.. ..
  8. Don't forget Kino.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHryOO8JBzQ
  9. Ooh you're from Texas too? If I am correct..in like 30minutes.
  10. Honestly..the fact you can't see his eye makes the glow. Look at the other zombies they don't glow like that unless that eye is out of view. If you look at the zombie clinging on to the bus, top right he has that same glow.
  11. Oh look Carbon appeared.. Anyways. Fantastic! Y'all did a amazing job on it! I cannot wait to see what happens next on the 26th. Get some sleep Carbon..you've earned it buddy haha.
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