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  1. Your large house has no rooms, only one empty space. I wish for a better computer.
  2. It's a bot (I think) that advertises its product. It will be terminated shortly. Welcome to the site!
  3. Sweet, that hath be 4-5 more days to get my character art done! :)
  4. Hello CoDZ members new and old, As you may know, or may not, I haven't been very active in the community or on the forum in general. A few posts her and there, but yeah. So anyways, recently, I haven't played zombies at all. I think I'm really just not that into it anymore, or Call of Duty in general. I've been playing other games more often, and really . . . well I see no point to me being on this forum anymore. Hell, I don't even care about Black Ops 2 anymore. Thank you all. I know that on my 1 and almost 2 years on the forum, I've pissed off people, and made friends and haters. You know who you are. But despite all that, my time was good here and I hope the forum continues to thrive in the wake of BOII. I'll be on Skype whoever has me, so if you guys still want to talk . . . Well anyways, I won't delay your time any further. Goodbye and farewell CoDZ, maybe forever. MLH MyLittleHellhound Goodbye.
  5. That was well said ^ The premiere was simply . . . wow. BUT HERSHELELELELELLEL So. Beth and Carl? EH? :lol:
  6. I . . . used to watch Desperate Housewives but not anymore . . . Besides that I get a lot of funny looks for the Korean Dramas thing.
  7. Seems legit. ^ Welcome to the site, yeah like Jay (the 16 year old girl) said . . . teams are good.
  8. Maybe if the bus leaves a player behind they would eventually get overwhelmed? I don't see them making a player walking all that way just to get to the next location . . . hmm . . . .
  9. The really old ones will, provided they're still in good condition. I have a Lord Of The Rings one, but if I remember clearly, LEGO has really rocketed in price the past years . . .
  10. Welcome to the site! If you has der questions, just ask.
  11. Welcome to the site! If you so desire, check out the Zombie Stories section! We have many a great writer!
  12. Welcome to the site Trains!
  13. Welcome back, just in time for BlaCK Ops 2 :D

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