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  1. I really like your map, seems like a pretty solid idea of how it would be like. I like it Especially the inaccessible areas you picked out (:
  2. That is wayyyy tooo cute!!! [brains] This really makes CoDz feel even more like a family Hi, my name is Gabby, feel free to pm me whenever or for whatever you need You will love it here, i promise c:
  3. gabbehhh

    Hello! :D

    Welcome James (: I'm Gabby Feel free to ask anyone one of us if you have a question (: Call of the Dead is also one of my favorites 8-)
  4. Welcome If you have a question, feel free to ask anyone, including myself. We'll be more than happy to help (: I'd suggest for you to take a look around the forum, there are many great threads to read ;)
  5. I think Shi No Numa is the scariest map >. that's why I can't play it solo, especially with the Turtle Beach headphones on :oops: I just feel like they're coming at me from all directions D; As for Verruckt, I think the fact that I'm super extremely intrigued by it takes away the creepiness 8-)
  6. I really really like this, especially because you portray Nikolai so well ;)
  7. Well, currently, a little girl is in possession of the scavenger.. If you accept some crappy guns and play with her teddy a few times, she might give it to you She's a little stingy :? Haha, ok. Wohw play with her teddy.. Weird thoughts.. um.. sure if you're into that kind of stuff lmao :lol:
  8. Well, currently, a little girl is in possession of the scavenger.. If you accept some crappy guns and play with her teddy a few times, she might give it to you She's a little stingy :?
  9. Haha at least if there is also a ak74u and Juggernog i will be fine... That will come later (: But I will throw in a movie director to keep you company Whether he'll help you, I'm not too sure, he's a little bipolar :lol:
  10. Welcome! We're always excited to see people joining CoDz I'll give you an M1911 and 500 points, think you can survive long enough? 8-) ;)
  11. Welcome! You will love it here also, make sure to check out the Code of Conduct if you haven't already c:
  12. This is the very first story I am posting here in CoDz, but hopefully not my last (: This is a story I have been working on. However, the original one I wrote didn't have zombies in it so I am currently revising it to have zombies. I am really excited I will be posting little by little so I won't make you guys read to much at a time (: I am open to criticism and suggestions. I am no perfectlemonade, but I will do my best c: __________ Chapter 1 At that point Zach was practically dragging himself across the blistering desert. The intense heat made the desolate inferno wasteland look skewed and distorted, so at first, he thought it to be some mirage. It gradually grew larger until a white Las Vegas police car had come to a stop a couple of feet from where he stood, limping. A tall, fair-skinned woman with long dark glossy hair and reflecting black aviator sunglasses stepped out of the squad car. She wore tall combat boots, black skinny jeans and a white tank top. A little under-dressed for a cop, Zach thought before her badge, which was clipped to her belt loop, blinded him as it glistened with the sun's toxic rays. Zach looked up at her, her hair waving and fluttering in the solar wind. She pointed an odd looking gun at his leg then shot. He looked down expecting to see his leg half blown off, only to see a little green dart. "Well that tickled," Zach thought to himself. The shiny little green dart blurred out of focus. He fell to his knees, and then he knocked out. "Good morning Sunshine, welcome to out beautiful Las Vegas Police Department Interrogation Room," she said with a smile so clearly false on her face. Her sarcasm was beginning to annoy the humor out of Zach. Besides, he had seen many movies and detective shows to know where he was, so he didn't respond. She tried again, "Good afternoon Mr...." There was a brief pause as the young-looking woman scanned her file sheets for reference. Zach tried to speak, but his parched mouth struggled to move. As he opened his mouth, his dried lips ripped open, and he began to bleed again. He winced in pain as he attempted to speak once more. "I... Uh..." was all his dry lips managed to mumble. He could feel the intimidating stares from whoever was on the other side of the double-sided mirror to his left. "Three others and I came to Las Vegas to celebrate my twenty-first birthday, thinking it would be the best weekend ever, and it pretty much was..." Zach wheezed and chuckled, "You know, four of us twenty-one year olds living it up in Sin City for the first time in out lives, partying like there was no tomorrow..." He smiled weakly thinking about it. "Not even thinking that there could be no tomorrow..." Chapter 2 He clenched his fist as he paused briefly. "It soon got late and we began to worry. We tried contacting his cell, but it was apparently out of service. We waited all Sunday, but decided to drive back home that night. After all, he knew where his car was. He'd come back on his own." A soft, crunching noise could be heard with each step he took toward the hood. "Sand? Well, where the heck are we?" he asked in bewilderment. He hadn't noticed when he drove off the road. Now, they were in the middle of the desert. Fantastic. Zach grabbed Jenny's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze, and placed his lips lightly on her forehead. "Don't worry Babe, we can go check what's over there." He motioned with his chin toward the dim glitter of light. With that, she seemed to ease down. "Uh, NTY. No Thank You," she said in her usual prissy attitude. "I am perfectly comfortable here." She paused the delicate procedure of filing her nails and glanced out the window, past Jenny, until her green eyes came upon the light. "Hmm, that seems like a long way for you guys to walk alone..." For a moment, Jenny believed Brittney might actually consider joining the walk. However, Brittney quickly killed Jenny's optimism with her sardonic, wide Colgate smile. "Well, have fun you two!" [tab][/tab]"Okay," Jenny said, trying to stay as optimistic as she could. "We won't take too long." With that said, Jenny and Zach headed out into the star-filled night.
  13. You are most definitely welcome don't hesitate to ask any questions, we're all very friendly c: Hope to get to know you better and perhaps play with you Also, since you're on ps3, check out the site news for the PS3 Playdate Schedule, in case you're interested
  14. Welcome to our family that is CoDz Make sure to check out the strategies or the asylum for some amazingly interesting theories. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, anyone would be glad to help If you're looking for a game with some of our members, you could check out the teammate finder section. If not, you could just chill in the Member Lounge
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