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What is your highest round on Shangri-La?

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This map just came out on PC today. Round 54 solo on my first attempt! (rape-train in the Ak47u room). Used the same strategy up to round 14 when I played some online afterwards, but my team sucked real bad and I died when trying to revive someone for the 23rd time. Seriously I looked at the scoreboard after the game ended at round 14, 22 fooking revives!

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so far my highest is 12 with randoms but made it to round 14 but it didnt save it as my record cuz the whole freaking team rage quit after going down once., 9 in solo, but currently in a solo match and on round 14. Just thought Id take a quick break. got shrink ray and ray gun so might get to round 20.

Update*Ended up getting to round 25 before i died in the gayest way possible in the history of zombies. got into red and one of the zombies spawning from the roof of the cave that brings you out in the reservoir killed me, apparently they can hit you.

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I've gotten to 22 with 2 people, but my friends always get good guns and die leavin' me screwed :P

but in solo I got to 29, running in the spawn with shrink ray, I died because I had bad luck with the napalm and his fire blocked my way when I was red. And I got hit once from like 8 ft away and died so it was dumb :x

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Round 45, last night in a hotel room. I did kill myself, but I lost steam after a legitimate down, not gonna make excuses or anything. I just got hit one too many times on that hallway from the MPL area into the AK74u room. Hopefully, I'm going to take a day off next week and set aside the entire day to make it to round 50, or even 70 (it would be awesome to beat Yoteslaya's record, even though he did die on a script error, cuz he's my zombie hero haha)

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Kino-28 rounds 3 players

Five-19 rounds 3 players

DOA-is gay

Ascension- 31 rounds 2 players

COtD- 25 rounds 2 players

Shangri La- 21 rounds 3 players


WaW maps

Nacht- 21 rounds solo

Verruct- 26 rounds solo

Shi No Numa- 15 rounds 2 players

Der Riese- 46 rounds 2 players

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Highest is 64 on solo before suiciding cuz I had to go, probably try and beat it sometimes cuz I haven't played the map very much. Can't go far wrong with looping round the whole map with the shrink gun in hand. Also running a figure of 8 round the whole MPL area is good if you prefer small-area rape trains, which I normally prefer but on this map I find the full-map loop is the easier option.

Round 14 is my highest on co-op thus far :lol: Hopefully soon I'll get into a game with some good players...

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I got 29 Co-Op

I can pretty much go forever on any map on Solo. I was at 41 on Shangri-La on solo with 2 quick revives left and 300k points. With no one to mess you up, I pretty much never die.

I agree Solo does not count. Quit at 64 on Ascension too. Hell, I got to 28 on Ascension solo by using the M14 and never leaving the starting room and had 1 QR left. Solo is just boring as hell.

Side Note: If anyone wants to go for 40+ on Shangri-La hit me up. Im looking for 2 other good player to do a live com 40+ with. Will go on my youtube account.

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