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  1. Pretty much every song in Black Ops; "115" if I had to choose a favourite. Those drums, that screaming, and the "Everyone dies" part really make this one quite special for me. But from WaW, I'd definitely say "Beauty of Annihalation". The guitar in it is probably the reason why, as it seems to be the main focus of the song, which kicks ass! And it just fits the map TBH.
  2. Brilliant findings thread as I expected! You've added everything in and you've put in really useful pictures for those less fortunate to not own BO for iOS (or just people who are too lazy ).Good Job! I'll give you Brainz when I can.
  3. Hello and welcome to CoDz! Don't expect to see around much. Ever since the "Bronies report in" thread got perma-locked, I've been very inactive.
  4. So, I've been thinking about this for a little while. Tank Dempsey from CoD sort of looks like Clint Dempsey for Fulham to me. Tank Dempsey Clint Dempsey OK, maybe not so much on the looks but they are both American and have the same Surname.
  5. Look, dude, I know that you are new here and all but could you cut down on the new topic posting? It's getting kinda irritating.
  6. I'm downloading the new update! It didn't say that Ascension was added so once the update is complete, I'll post back
  7. Aye! Also, may I just note that Character Selection is in the iPhone version of BO.
  8. It's the Treyarch employees, if I can remember correctly.
  9. I'm well keeping this in mind! The piano part at the end of 'Pareidolia' was epic!
  10. I dunno about that one. I'll have to test it and post back my results.
  11. HK21 for me. I pick it up, no matter what. It has 1/4 more ammo in a clip than RPK, it's power makes up for it's slow RoF and I can't resist that little dangley bit!
  12. 1: Yes, it's still there! 2: There are a lot of electric boxes around Kino. Maybe they are powering the Teleporter?
  13. If that were the case, we would NEVER find the exact location of SNN. There has to be an exception to this Hyena thing. Maybe 3arc added it to toy with us?
  14. Yes. REALITY'S most powerful nuclear bombs. I'm pretty sure that if we can travel through time, killing Zombies that are controlled by a little girl, anything can happen. Besides, blowing up the Earth IS pretty epic, no?
  15. Ok, now here's a few things I've spotted... The pictures in the room upstairs in the spawn have disappeared. I wonder why this has happened. Another thing missing from Kino is the top seats. Lots of them are missing but this is most likely due to the amount of memory needed to include them all. And yet another feature has been removed from Kino.. The fuse boxes! Some of us think that they are part of a hidden Easter Egg and are still trying to work it out, so another possibility of finding a special secret has gone. And finally, 2 new spaces have been added: One in the spawn, one at the door leading to the Dressing room. This one allows you to circle the couch because the barriers surrounding it have been tooken away. Not a very good place to circle but maybe some hardcore iPod gamers will find a way This one looks better than the previous one. Still not the best place to camp, maybe for Hellhounds but not for Zombies!
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