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  1. had an RROD but i fixed it and i put 2 new fans in it.. now it's working like a dream really, no noise, no overheating and the most important no dust in my xbox..
  2. kino der toten shangri la moon kino der toten: the WAW where just pure awesome and then the story continued in this map i couldn't believe my eyes. shangri la: the tight map and the awesome EE did it for me i just love this map moon: open, big, a lot of places to go, no gravity and new wonder weapons: what more can you ask for?
  3. Exactly.....hahahaha noooooo! Try this one: One'o'clock in the morning...We're playing in the dome and I throw a gersch to see if it kills him. He gets sucked away..."yaaaay, Hey guys I just killed the astro with a gersch!" About 3 rounds later we go to open up tunnel 11 which had been locked the WHOLE time, and who's in there waiting for us???? "Ahhhh, what the....?!?!? Nooooo!" Yep, the gersch threw him into a LOCKED part of the map, where he "moonwalked" for 3 rounds just waiting for us. 1st time ever seeing this. It was like a horror movie guys........he decimated us, slid from person to person so fast in those small rooms on that side and stole EVERYTHING. Game over....... LOL but also very sad that you have lost the round/game :cry:
  4. thanks man now i can try to get as far as possible.. i dont have the focusing stone from shangri la so...
  5. do you also need to do the EE from shangri la?? if so,, can we do it together with 2 other ppl ?? i really want to finish the EE from shangri la
  6. only on solo i got jugg.. played for the rest online but those guys suck
  7. he's not the boss or something just an ''super'' zombie like napalm, shrieker and george.. has more lifes and are harder to kill or have an better attack..
  8. lol 16??! i thought i was one of the youngest ppl here ... -__- but now i m thinking that i m one of the oldest i played zombies when i was 16 now i am 20 and still loving zombies. (all kind of zombie shit) :D
  9. really i shit my pants cus i was knifing a zombie and all of the sudden the zombies were hording to worths me.. after the buzz sound. :(
  10. i dont play that often online to only with friends.. but if you want to play online and no stopping cus of the host quit the game. join me i have open NAT type and everyone can come and play with me if they like (i am a sort of a medic player, helping teammates is my mean target )
  11. 8 on solo (first attempt) and 10 with for also first attempt online :)
  12. what its name? or is it just like ''double points''??
  13. awesome!!.. cant wait to help other ppl.. i am mostly the medic in the teams online.. so if you want an medic and having points add me xD GT= dikkiedik1992
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