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  1. so so true, moon has to be the worst map. and the muffled sound makes it blow even more
  2. HAHHAA but kids aren't the only ones that do that, lately alot of grown ass men have been doing this... chill, the, fuck, out
  3. I love them all, my least favorite are the first one Nacht der.., and the moon. if i could hear sound in the moon it would be sick, no sound = shit
  4. they work fine for me. people i play with really dont care if you made it to level 2 or 200 as long as your are cool and not a kid
  5. looks the same to me, just missing some of the good ol' guns... ahhhh how i miss the Ppsh
  6. Good song, but my favorite is still 115 on the first map
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