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  1. Hi,lads make next zombie game deff rankamble with prestiges and simular upgrade of your abilites like in extinction mode of Ghosts

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Don't tell me what to do!

      Also I don't think that's exactly good for zombies, I mean… Upgrading abilities through XP? That's kinda OP…

  2. Maybe u will be able to handle EE just by your self or togeter.If they wont liste u do it your way,with of cource more effort puted in!It means solo EE double the steps or difficulity to complete it.
  3. My first impresion from the trailer was that the begining of music was realy close to Deus Ex Human Revolution trailer,but just the begining of the music.No new engin :-(,zombies will be in MP engine(confirmed) hoply not like Spec Ops Rather have the one from Campaign engine.To the future...i think they move it so far to the front because of zombies.the zombies will take main part in Future i gues and brand new modes coming that is good.Still i dont know to judge teh future settings i will judge after i open the game and play litle bit.Jumping to zombies first any way.Trailer over all did not bring anyting new accept of future technology,horses.Practicly we saving again whole world if not galaxy from to be destroied by sky net Terminator.Ok saw another thing from trailer in movie Total Recal when guy walking behind rengen wall and his gun is clearly visible.over all not bad but hoping to bring not just cyties in smoke and flames but something new.This we had it here in MW from front to back and back.
  4. Dan Amrich ‏ @OneOfSwords Folks are still confused by the times, so: The NBA game preview stuff starts six hours from NOW, during the Denver/LA game. #CODReveal Expand
  5. The page is live but still blocking your ip obviously they dont want u to go to the site now.Forum there is not working,like anything else just first page is there.Why is the page not betwen others COD Titles in left top corner?If admin let it so i cant do anything for me is still leak.Even before in game pictures of quadrodrone was leak.Not going to fight with you or anything just saying you suppose to wait.Trought the page u can clearly see the loading picture of the trailerand so on...
  6. if it is realy going to be modern and the guns going to be made up just not real replicas of actual guns than good buy.I was expecting to be it more cold war era up to year 1989.Again whole cities in smokes and flames another modern warfare game?Not happy about it,but still just wait for trailer to see.
  7. Guys i think this is going to far with the leaks i will tell u one thing i know how was Carbon strickly against any leaks and this post just past the border Leak Free so remove it,I think the admins let go too far this thread.Dont get me wrong i am waiting for the images and videos like u but we are here respected forum and it should stay the way and pictures and videos should be alowed here after treyarch oficial trailer release!
  8. it could be some part of submarine or some batlle ship.I dont think so it is another drone ,this thing is big is some part of something big i think!
  9. Rookie, its 0:33 here! 23:34 here and in Uk is only 22>34
  10. There should be one today I am waiting for the update as well.can't wait.to see what is it.
  11. Guys listen,in the video when he blow up the figurines whitch playing cards,on the end he say,Zombie Terorist had good time.Could this means that we can see some crazy shit air strikes in zombies?I know one think this is real stuff from Treyarch they puted up the pictures intel.I think he could hint with that video something about zombies when he say that.
  12. new assaul Black Ops II strike ;-) give me the fancy toogles in my hands in multi!or in zombies?

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