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  1. Hi,lads make next zombie game deff rankamble with prestiges and simular upgrade of your abilites like in extinction mode of Ghosts

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Don't tell me what to do!

      Also I don't think that's exactly good for zombies, I mean… Upgrading abilities through XP? That's kinda OP…

  2. ok got it that's fine i always come back and check even if i dont sign in whats going on!This site has still potential and big future i am glad that i was here the years back when it all started!! I am gonna come up with maps and some theroies eventualy this year,they migh(treyarch)use some of it like they did. I am Right Power Changes Everithing!!! C u soon,keep on the good work.
  3. Hi,i was not here and post for while,i want to ask if is there a way to change my colour name .I use to be in vet group(green),i see now green colour as moderators so is there any other colour available for me?
  4. Hallo,I'll be glad to give my point on view Afer blasting up the eart infected from A51 escaped the Nevada top secret project entering wastelands.Contaminating the population in small towns and farms as well as the orbital station,humans got infected by sabotaged air lock chambers by new A51Nova6 gas.Tank and his crew "teleported" by Nikolay to Earth Space station.Richtofen useing his power to time travel to ISS Earth orbital station in year 2025-30.IN that time 10 rowers alredy driving the Mars with 2 small facilites.The secret project on Moon was just small cousine to the Project what was going on Mars.Richtofen has more to say only he know all the time whats going on.The Mars earth station is in danger once againg.The horde taking over when humans founding out about aliens underground pyramids power plants.Infected(zombies)left behind by nazist alredy exploring and experimenting on aliens technology nearly 50 years ago before Usa gets here.Now if you want to understand what i am saying you MUST watch both movies i mentioned if you realy want to know what i am talking about. I'll think how to implement the Mars Face or put your own ideas whats happen after the blast,i realy want to know what people think of.I am kind of tired 12:00 am now here in Slovakia working 14 hours hard sifts so apologize my formation of sentences i hope you geting my point.Right out. o1qMdiCQfG8 Tpd2-b4n-wE Map created whan [email protected] was hit,what they could do now???Pm8EQmfuopI
  5. Don't forget that we are able to time travel now so it could be even in future after the moon missles hited the eart in any way this will be one great game!!!
  6. This time the zombies could be bigger than even MP and Campaign together so i deffinatly think we will get more maps than one maybe 50/50.It's on MP engine now so they could do it like Spec ops in MW3.I gues we will get around 15 maps who knows about the old maps if they return,but why not???Why to switch the disc?if u dont have to>Super guesture would be from treyarch give to it to the players who alredy bought the maps once or twice but even if they wont i ll gladly buy them now and in B.O.III as well :-)
  7. I realy would like play a map where u starting up from Earth Orbital Space Station,kind of Area 51 but with the different that you can come back any time useing teleporters or Space escaping capsules and play there for long as you wish.From there we could get to the Mining Pyramide on Mars kind of Total Recal movie -The Schwarzzenegger movie not the remake blueeaaa,have to clean my mounth and if Treyarch can put it together with the Mars face google it if you dont know about that,whitch was goodly done in movie Mission to Mars it would be one Epic map one of the best ever made.I hoply will get some attention on this thread at least think about it or watch both movies and tell me what you guys think.Right out.
  8. I think the Campaign will take place on eart the survival modes however could take place in different planets like Mars or even different dimensions.
  9. i just noticed that the guy charakter looks to me like young Romero and the girl could be Sarah???Probably i am wrong but match old Romero with the dark head charakter you will see.I am honestly glad that they have listened and created for us such a epic new Campaign and other modes.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dre21lBu2zU Here is link on the trailer
  11. Am I Correct 1PM EST is 6PM GMT The trailer should be up by now no???
  12. If any one got any link on the trailer put it up please thank you.
  13. We did not have any trailer but we had GKnova6 site up!It would be great if GK get some updates.
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