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  1. I wish they would release a new update with an option between having the Blops or WaW weapons in the box in the classic maps. I don't know how it would work in regular lobbies, but they could implement it in private matches and let the host choose which class of weapons appear.
  2. ^This If that's the case, I'm hoping you can re-buy the perk and get your old gun back. Unless you can't be revived and die, in which case, you're SOL.
  3. So an ex-IGN employee leaked this info to get back at his former employers as well as Treyarch? It seems sketchy. However, I'll hold judgement until Rezurrection drops.
  4. Awesome! I also knew Zombies wouldn't end, since it's a massive gold mine for Activision. At least we get confirmation. :D
  5. The new maps have a different knifing system so you don't have that millisecond of slowdown. Cold War-era weapons are available from the box, but you can still buy a number of WWII weapons off the walls. You can also get the Thunder Gun in NDU and the Winter's Howl in Verruckt. There's a hidden song on NDU and some radios in SNN. The Fly Trap from Der Riese is still intact.
  6. It would be cool if Treyarch developed an episodic series, similar to Mortal Kombat Legacy, and released it on YouTube. It could fill us in on the story after Moon and help tide us over for the next "season" of zombies.
  7. Eh. Killing a crawler was good for taking out a couple of the other Zombies on lower rounds. However, once you got to the 30s and 40s, they were just annoying. I'm not really glad, but I'm not raging over it either.
  8. I made it to round 35 with one of my friends. :D
  9. I thought the phase zombie was going to be similar to the Napalmbie or the Shrieker.
  10. Personally, I'm glad they're re-releasing the maps. My friends never played [email protected] so the classic maps will be a nice surprise and new experience for them. I already have hardened edition on Xbox 360 so it's nice to get this map pack, theme and soundtrack for free on that console. I'll just need to buy it on PS3 when it arrives in September as all my friends play on PS3. =\
  11. :shock: Then we would be royally screwed.
  12. That soundtrack cover looks cool.
  13. No it's not an actual comic book. proof? You don't really need proof. It's merely common sense. Treyarch just made it resemble one of those pulp horror comics from back in the day. Given the fact that most of the Blops Zombies maps take place in the 60s or are inspired by that era, it makes sense that the devs would have that theme run throughout the loading screens. That's my take on it though.
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