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  1. Yes I quite like that idea. Especially with no HUD it would add a fair bit of challenge. [brains]
  2. Infinite Ward aren't even half the team they were back when they made COD4 and MW2. So many have left from IW that I just don't see them having any real potential to do anything good with the COD series. They probably will end up making another COD game however, because I am sure Activision will want as much money they can possibly get.
  3. Eight player zombies is something I have wanted since World At War. I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of modes they have come up with.
  4. Well i canceled my pre order and don't have facebook so ill have to pass.
  5. Point streaks, better balance in gameplay and being able to level up weapons.
  6. Yea it's a great gun. But Johnson, do you mean first person in the world? Out of millions of people to get the 200 kills challenge? If you do, someone somewhere would have got it before, trust me lol.
  7. Yep I pre ordered the hardened edition today. The DLC thing is instead of getting around 5 maps or whatever it is at one time they give it to you gradually and without charge if you have elite. If you plan on getting this game and all of the DLC I strongly recommend the elite because it actually ends out $10 cheaper (according to Robert Bowling) and you get it earlier, so why not?
  8. I hate it when people praise WaW and black ops but spit all over cod4 and mw2. WaW wouldn't be what it is now if it weren't for cod4 because Treyarch took the game engine from cod4 and just changed it a bit. What Johnson is saying is so right. Support for the game in IW after the game is out has been TERRIBLE in the past. Black ops tries to fix as many problems as possible and makes heaps of patches to do so. I like this. Even though they don't have very good support and they have had some balancing issues I still think you are an ass hole if you hate on IW.
  9. squiddy


    One man army = infinite noob tubes. And when put with danger close, one man army was extremely over powered and made me throw the controller numerous times.
  10. Probably not. Out of the most recent 4 CODs waw was my least favourite.
  11. squiddy

    Best lethal?

    For me its semtex. The semtex sticking to walls and the frag rolling are both good in different situations. However I find when i am in a tough situation and i need to chuck an explosive the semtex is quicker because it doesn't need to cook so i have more chance of surviving.
  12. You smart man. This is true. Personally I will be pre ordering MW3 hardened edition and I will be getting BF3 a few months after it comes out.
  13. That recon perk and those support kill streaks... I can't wait. :D
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