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  1. It does seem to be one of the glitchier ones. Another one ive noticed is before i had the way to the lighthouse opened i went to activate the first 2 rocks to play the song and when i activated the second one on the ship I heard the sound when you activate a rock twice and the song started playing.
  2. I've recently been playing some Call of the Dead and came across two very interesting glitches. Glitch 1: I was camping at the top of the ship (with a dragunov) by the power room and got blocked off from the zipline so I took the flinger. I got downed on the flinger and while i was flying through the air the view changed from the black and white view of a downed person to the color view of a normal person. When I landed instead of pulling the Mustang and Sallys out I had the Dragunov as a weapon for some reason. Glitch 2: Playing multiplayer with randoms. I went down the slide to go and get Speed cola when a random decided to play the song at the exact same time. I bought it and realized that the perk didn't show up in the line of perks. Then I realized that I couldn't switch weapons at all or even throw my semtexs. Really confused right now, has anyone ever had this happen to them?
  3. I think it could be done with 3 if the players were fast and coordinated enough, but i dont think there is a solo version of the easter egg because all 7 perks would be cheating in solo (quick revive everytime).
  4. I believe that this song is pointing to an end. "It all ends so violently I know," probably pointing to Richtofen coming to kill or end her or that she is going to kill richtofen using the zombies. Anyways [brains] to you sir.
  5. so far my highest is 12 with randoms but made it to round 14 but it didnt save it as my record cuz the whole freaking team rage quit after going down once., 9 in solo, but currently in a solo match and on round 14. Just thought Id take a quick break. got shrink ray and ray gun so might get to round 20. Update*Ended up getting to round 25 before i died in the gayest way possible in the history of zombies. got into red and one of the zombies spawning from the roof of the cave that brings you out in the reservoir killed me, apparently they can hit you.
  6. "Sept 5th Eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich are murdered after 8 members of the Arab terrorist group Black September invade the Olympic Village; 5 guerillas and 1 policeman are also killed in a failed hostage rescue, (why this is intresting is that it has 1 5 which is 15, and there was 11 athlets and it was the 5th, you might say that I'm just putting numbers together but isn't it wierd how the numbers are so close and matching to the story" This really doesnt have anything to do with zombies but this event is why the GSG9 was created (German antiterrorist force) Oh and [brains] to you sir. great analysis.
  7. I LOVE THE "KICK A BABY IN THE FACE GUN" (sorry forgot the name). Reasons: -more ammo -can kill an entire wave in one shot(which by thee way is only 24, not 26 or 40) -wunderwaffe can make it hard to see if you shock yourself. -Babies really dont kill you unless you let them.
  8. The perk doesnt disappear. It just moves to another pool. killed him in the water in the first room with the ray gun and he dropped the perk and wunderwaffe in the water next to staminup. Hope this helped. EDIT*Ok, nevermind, had no perk drop from George then that little bitch laughed. Killed him w/ a scavenger though.
  9. Id give you [brains] but it wont let me right now so i guess ill do it later. Cant wait for the map pack to come out on ps3 and ill definitely use this strat. some time when i play it on PS3.
  10. They would need dedicated servers due to the different information types of the consoles I know this but I still think it would be cool.
  11. I say that the deal should end and that if/when it does that they make a crossconsole zombies mode. That way you could play w/ all of your friends if they have the other console.
  12. What system, and idk if i can help you much seeing as my coop round is only 27. EDIT:nvm, saw the title lol i feel dumb. psn is proto1468.
  13. First off, nacht der untoten is set in the airfield that is in the campaign and is also one of the standard multiplayer maps but i forget when that is set cuz its been a long time since I played [email protected](figured this out cuz my friend modded zombies, and b4 i get hated on i dont condone this and truthfully wasnt sure what he was going to do). Oh and five and ascension happen at the same time. proof:the three red phones in ascension, when ringing if you hit the action button, you can hear one of the quotes from the players in five (except for mcnamara)
  14. for everyone saying the vr-11 has 2 in the chamber and eight in reserve, youre wrong. Its 3 in the chamber and 9 in the reserve...but it still sucks.
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