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  1. alright if someone gets the focusing stone does everyone get all 7 perks and the achievement or just the person with the stone? Been trying to do the EE but people havent been reliable on XBL. They either get the Shrink gun and waste all the ammo or just kill crawlers etc. So I wanna know so someone doesnt take it and we all get screwed if the wrong guy gets it.
  2. 23 on solo! Found a good route for me and HK and Shrink gun are awesome!
  3. 22 with 2 people like 5 minutes ago. It was awesome i had an upgraded Ray Gun, and an upgraded AUG with monkey bombs, and my friend had a upgraded Winter Howl, and an upgraded Commando with monkey bombs. We had an awesome strategy and it was awesome cause we killed the Pentagon Thief everytime! I was proud because he highest we got was 14 with 2 people a while ago. So yeah... 22 w/ 2 people... WOOT!! :D
  4. how do I give you a photo of the leader boards and be accepted into the group?
  5. I have been having a hard time getting far on Moon with two or more people so I decided to try Big Bang Theory by myself and everything was fine until I couldnt find the wire. I looked EVERYWHERE and couldnt find it but if I would have found it. Would it have been possible to do the EE by myself? Also, speculations are that you have to complete the Call of the Dead(Which I have) and Shangra La EE's to do the Moon EE. Is this true?
  6. ^No lol. I just think it looks the coolest!
  7. Glitches seem to always find me! I was playing Moon and I got cornered with a pistol so I decided to start shooting at the astronaut. He gets me hits me, and puts me in the red, BUT teleported me right back in from of him so since I was in a corner I couldnt back away from him and he hit me again and I died. :shock:
  8. Hey everyone! My name is Daxton, but my nickname is Barry Sanders. Cause its a term me and my friends use when you are being cornered by a crap load of zombies but you manage to 'juke' your way out untouched! I do it the best out of my friends so they call me Barry! Im a huge achievement whore. Haha my Gamertag is 'TheBlackbirdIII' if you want to do some easter eggs, achievements, or just play to ge high rounds add me! Anyways my Statistics are; CodWaW - Nacht Der Untoten: 23, with 4 CodWaW - Verruckt: 18, with 3 CodWaw - Shi No Numa: 21, with 4 CodWaw - Der Riese: 28, with 3 Kino Der Toten: 28, with 3 Five: 14, with 2 (Hate this map) Ascension: 31, with 4 Call of the Dead: 14, with 4 Shangra La: N/A (Dont really play this) Moon: 17, with 1
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