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  1. Ill say if you let someone stupid play your account then your rank won't be as good. BUT same thing with K/D in multiplayer. Make a guest account, solved. I have not played with a single double shotgun that doesn't deserve it. I had a crazy game with 3 double shotguns and one skull only that we got to round 30 and all the shotguns had 0-1 downs and the skull had 5 or so and I had to leave the game. I still put up the dare to show me a bad player with my K/D or better. Glitching is the only way that is possible. I mean 300 kills to every down is just plain good. No doubts. I can still show plenty of people bad players with rounds of 40+. That being said, Im about to go for another very high round solo tranzit. last one did a error time out thing at 40 with no downs. They need to fix that.
  2. Never said you were bad. I've never played with you. All i'm saying is that it is not true that a better measure of skill is rounds rather than K/D. My K/D is almost 300 right now and still climbing every time I play. That means on the average I'm at round 20 before my first death. It is actually higher than that by a ton, but when I first got BO2 i was exploring, testing and so on. I would say 50% of my downs are from stupid double hits on round 1-5 before I get jug. Knowing that, It would mean I have a K/D at almost 600 after Jug. I just don't want the "well you got shotguns and a 400 K/D but you never got to lvl 50 noob" things to start. I honestly have not had time to get to the 50s on tranzit, just haven't had 10 hours of my life to put into one game. If you look at my highest tranzit its 41 with 3000 kills and NO downs because i just left the game. Doesn't mean im bad because I have a life. And doesn't make you good if you have no life and can ride someone's coat tail to 50. Show me a bad player that has a K/D as high as me and you win 100%. No arguments and Ill say I am sorry. I CAN show you a bad player with a round 67 on Kino because I carried him to it. He had over 100 downs. That was my little brother.
  3. You could kill someones train until a high round. Try that at round 35, Why does it not encourage tombstone? If you go down, you go down. Actually it ENCOURAGES the use more because you don't get revived mid round with no perks and die again due to no jug. I don't use tombstone because i honestly never go down. By the time i get my first down (if at all until the last one of the game) I have thousands of points saved and can get all perks I need quickly. After I get Stam-up, Jug, Knuckles im good to go. Tombstone is a crutch for bad-medium players. Really good players do not use it much. Im not talking about the round 40 heroes, Im talking about the people like me that just don't die, can run trains anywhere, ect. If the ranking system was round based, then i could boost ANYONE ONE EARTH to a high rank. Ive went into public matches with randoms with bones or just the skull and asked what their high round is and they say 18 or something really low. My reply is no worried, how much time do you have, and i proceed to get them to the low 30s and quit due to time with them having downs in the 20-50 range. If your good you don't go down, that translates to high rounds. And the point of zombies is not to make high rounds, it is to STAY ALIVE. Staying alive will get you to high rounds. Im sorry if I offend you because you cant get shotguns or LOL Dagger. All you need for dagger is like a 70 to 1 K/D. If you can't get that then you are one of the bads that I carry. Sorry but its the truth.
  4. Nah. Ranking system is the best that can be done. The main factor is Kills / Downs. If you ask zombie players, that one stat is the most accurate in deciding if you are good or not. I can boost someone that dies every round in a corner to 40, does that make him good? NO. It means he was playing with someone good. I CANT help him not go down and get a lot of kills. If someone only dies 1 time to every 200+ kills, they are pretty good. I personally think they should have another rank for the even more elite players that get 300-400+ kills per down. Ranking system is accurate enough, sure you can glitch to get a ton of kills, but I think its the best that can be done.
  5. I was thinking, why don't they let us buy all the perks, But to offset make it like below. 1st Perk 1000 2nd Perk 2000 3rd Perk 4000 4th Perk 8000 5th Perk 16000 6th Perk 32000 7th Perk 64000 8th Perk 128000 This way you have a reason to keep racking up points. It would not be overpowered at lower levels. Your looking at around 250k to get all perks if there are 8. That will not happen until after 30. It gives you a goal after 30. Either this or let us upgrade certain perks. Double tap only maybe. This will also separate the good from the bad. If you die a lot you will never get all the perks.
  6. Almost all of what you have posted has been proven to be false. We have the headshot one you lose in as little as one round Quick Revive that may last a day or two And steel boards that have not lasted more than a game or two for me.
  7. Does that read "SOS" on the little control box thing
  8. I stopped PaP guns because I knew it would be useless past roudn 50 because you could not make money faster than I could spend it on upgraded ammo
  9. Just imagine being that old conspiracy nut and a zombie outbreak ACTUALLY HAPPENING. You would be the one screaming I told you so. I really don't know if he is intoxicated with fulfillment from being right, or wish it would end, I think he is actually enjoying himself.
  10. I've been a government conspiracy guy for a long time, but never a "secret underground shapeshifting elite reptiles/humans waiting to take over earth when the mothership returns stuff. This forum has some really interesting reads though.
  11. I'm a hardcore zombies player and I feel the same way about this subject. Has anyone noticed how the Zombies still scream "SAM" when you get close to them. Either way, I don't believe aliens. But, Government Corruption and Conspiracy is as real as the screen in front of your face. Not guess work there. It is cool that they made a "crazy old conspiracy dude" as the main subject of the EE. I would hope that not all of you here are crazies tho. Aliens and Reptilian Invasions and stuff is just fun to read, hope no one here loses sleep on that.
  12. So I have BUSTED the over 200 K/D myth. Last night I was sitting at 195 K/D Career and 201 or so Coop. I got into a Tranzit game and went 1600+ and 1 down. Ended the game above 200 K/D Career and 210 K/D or so Coop. I have all 5 marks and blue eyes. Still no Shotguns. SO.... I decided to do a town solo run. I got to round 36 and got 2000+ kills and NO DOWNS because I ended up leaving (was 6AM) so that put me at 210 K/D for Career and 224 K/D for Coop and still no Shotguns. I've got: 42480 kills over 200k bullets fired 203 downs 185 revives over 15k headshots 123% accuracy!!! lol what Come on, On top of that. I went 2 back to back games with a 1800 K/D ratio both over round 30. What am I missing here. Sounds like 200 K/D is debunked. Only other option is that someone said servers updated everyday at 7 PM. I have not been over 200 K/D at 7PM so we will see if that is true. Not sure what it wants from me. Looks like good stats if you ask me.
  13. The Samantha thing is anyone's guess, But either way, the end can not have been reached yet, Just not enough in it to warrant the hype that was given to zombies, no new questions really, just a "ehhh" feeling not epic at all. My opinion, If it is the end until DLC they did a REALLY bad job this time, a REALLY REALLY bad job.
  14. I have saw a lot of speculation on why the EE is not over. From nav cards to no bonuses to tweets from devs. Every other map and its EE has advanced the storyline, Has answered questions, and by the time the EE is complete is connected to the other maps and EE. This one is different. We left moon with earth getting nuked, We end up as different characters on earth post nuclear winter. We know nothing (which is usual) but no questions are getting answered. No connection being established. Samantha is gone? We have no more knowledge at the end of the EE than when we started really, only more guesses. In my opinion, the end of the EE has to answer some questions. Treyarch understands that we want the story, BO2 is GOING to be more in depth when it comes to zombies. This EE will end resolving some questions but of course making us ask more. Every answer leads to another question, but they need to keep answering in order to keep interest. BirdDogDan may be a fake or he may not, But I do believe we will see/hear Samantha again before Tranzit is completed. And I do believe that the Devs may be dropping hints now, or soon to keep us going. This can't be all of the storyline for the first map, not enough answers, not enough new questions.
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