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How Far Have you Gotten?

Covert Gunman

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Just got to 42 ! Wit 2 pple and the only reason we failed is no ammo we played 20 min that last round used 30 grand toghether trying to get ant thing besides a fal and pistols out of the box and on traps till an in unepic fail at the box I see 50 in my future ! And no we were not cheating in any way !

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solo i got till 38, easy run rounds and use the landers, and wait untill the zombies are near you and they will die who are close enough, so i didnt waste any ammo

and with the 2 of us we got till 49, we run out of ammo and GD -_- and he run into a corner lame...

weapons: ray, zeus






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I got to round 31 just me and my mate on his XBox today. We both had Gersh Devices, both with upgraded Ray Guns, ne with a Zeus Cannon anh him with a Commando Pack a Punched. But the leaderboard didn't record our score. BS! :evil:

Splitscreen doesn't count towards the leaderboards bro.

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Me and a friend made it up to Round 38 on Ascension - PS3.

It was very easy to get to round ~20 - ~ 25.

Then, ammo is running low.

When a SpaceMonkey-Round appears, get ammo and kill them.

We both were protecting primaery "juggernaut".

When a normal Zombie-Round is comming, run away, use the traps.

I had to give away my raygun twice, because of no ammo, no max-ammo, needed a new weapon.

But i had enought money to get raygun a third time. I forced the box with 50000 points :-)

Thats how we made it up to round 38 (2 Player) in approx 2,5 hours.

Playing with 4 players would take 4hours to get to this point.

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I got to round 50 in 11 hours :ugeek: I need to find more buddies to play wit to get a higher rank on kino and five maps.

Why did it take 5 hours? it took 4 hours for me to get to round 48

4 players means more zombies. We did not use traps so much cos we wanted high kill/point ranks. I am number 1 for kills right now on xbox It took 8 hours for me and 1 other player to get to round 45 on kino and that was wit traps. You see the leader boards how long folks last before they died in the last round and some took over an hour so it figures 11 hours is not that bad, well I think so but i could do wit so help bringing game time down as I dont have much spare tym :(

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