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  1. You can build the thundergun 2.0 buy scavenging parts from the secret areas around the map hidden by the fog.
  2. This is somewhat like the Battlefield 4 "reveal" where another company included info about a product that wasn't supposed to be known yet. Either way, I wonder what bonuses will come with the upgraded editions? Perhaps the rotocopter? Or maybe something more smaller if they don't do the prestige edition of the game.
  3. In case you haven't heard yet, if you pre-order BO2 at your local gamestop you will get a nice little poster. But, if you are a rewards zone member, you will get access to a modern warfare 3 prestige token, as well as 3 other unreleased bonuses. I'm thinking they might be prestige-token type things, or maybe even double xp codes for MW3. Just lettin everybody know.
  4. Juice503


    I'd tap that. lol. jk
  5. You have to use the hacker to hack the other two to get them turned off.
  6. It could be part of its jaw. Just flipped backwards with the impact of the bullet.
  7. Can we get a link to the page it was on? The link isn't working for me.
  8. It just looks like he has a fuel tank on his back because he is wearing a space suit most likely.
  9. If you go into full screen mode, and pause at 0:41 you can see the bipod against the smoke.
  10. Juice503

    new character

    It kinda reminds me of the guy on the ascension poster that was bald.
  11. If two people dive into each other while sprinting at each other, if both hit heads Sam will laugh and both will be downed. I think her laughing is just because of you getting downed, not the easter egg/ glitch.
  12. yeah, I think five is great! I also don't think it's that hard. I got 35 solo, and 41 with 3 people. You just need to keep moving, but don't sprint and you can survive on the bottom floor.
  13. I guarantee you that everybody that selects "I despise screen-looking" is a screen-looker.
  14. I'm going to get it. Most people say it is going to be terrible, but you can't say anything until you actually see it in action. If it's a bust, I really don't care it's hardly any money at all.
  15. Great vids man! You have good ideas, and you are likely helping out tons of people!
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