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  1. It looks like there are other pages. Maybe the classic maps? So maybe that page is a map that takes place before NDU.
  2. Boost'n Aide Price: 2500 Effect: A very short burst of high level speed. Like the speed boost in DOA. Can only be used 3 times before you have to buy it again. You can only buy it 3 times. I'm working on a pic. Kinda hard. Lol :P
  3. I think it's worth it. It's obviously harder than Ascension, and it takes some getting used to. But its fun if you have a good team. :)
  4. I'm sure Robert Enguld will be. He was Freddie Kruger! :)
  5. :facepalm: Yeah probably not. I doubt Treyarch would do anything with Sam.
  6. I found a record in Berlin wall that says "Verruckt", kind of a plain lookin' cover. Towards the bottom left corner. :)
  7. Lol "Oooo I got the Ray Gun, weeeeeee!"
  8. I've got one! When starting a new game on Kino with Nikolai , "Awww man, I just drank all my vodka and now we have to do more. Geez should have just stayed a carpenter!" I could hear him saying this. :lol:
  9. Hey guys my name is tna1991, i'm glad to be a part of these forums. I come to these forums to see whats happening in the zombie world and thought "Why not just join already!". But I have a question, what can I expect from these forums? Thank you and looking forward to a long and trouble-free relationship with you guys. :D
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