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  1. i watched 'Deadtime Stories'..........it was alright...
  2. sweet a free map pack....or map i should say. I'm just glad ill finally be able to play der riese with my buddies.
  3. nice video man, its always fun to change up the way i play.
  4. who is the british guy and "that stupid Gary guy"?
  5. why does he need to be shot with the VR-11 when he has phd flopper??
  6. I wonder if this has anything to do with tonights "judgement day" cuz im so fuckin ready!
  7. do you see him go back underwater when this happens? cuz he was in the middle of the spawn area water and the red thing went right through the symbol on the wall. So he could have teleported to the water at the bottum of the ice slide perhaps?
  8. great vid yo. Trejo was funny as all hell, especially the part where he can never remember George Romero's name i like how Englund was like "o ya it was great working with them all, they are iconic, (emphasise on buffy and trejo) buffy, trejo, .....and Rooker" ( lol he said rooker as if he didnt fit in. not exact quote but it was along the lines of that. I hope the people who had to listen to Sarah all day got payed extra for that.....cuz i probably would have hung myself. Was george even part of it?
  9. this whole thing is really weird, i didnt use the VR-11, i was just unloading non-upgraded raygun into him. i know what it looks like when he walks back into the water, but that definitely did not happen. I'll be on later tonight and test more crap that ive been wondering, if anyone wants to join, hit me up (Double O Zombie) Oh and kind of a random comment...im not sure if you guys do what i do ( loop zombies in the AK-74u area, with george in the middle) but does anyone find it extremely annoying when your wunderwaffe hits george when hes like 20 feet away from any zombies that got hit by it?
  10. No it does not work i tried it... Unless it has to be on Solo. im not lying, but did you hear the samantha laugh when you killed him? ( i also got no perk/Waff) what is A7X? btw ive only seen this 1 symbol, but there are more than 3 bodies of water, lets see here... spawn, Jugg, middle of ship (near PM63), ak74u area, Staminup area, Sickle area. so 6 areas.
  11. i noticed when i killed george while he was still in the water, he dissapeared really fast and a little orange/red thing (those little things that shoot out of his body right when u kill him) flew into the wall where that symbol is. i was confused cuz i didnt get my wunderwaffe/perk as usual and samantha laughed. In case anyone was wondering i did this on solo I read on here somewhere that there are 3 of these symbols. if they are all near water we probably gotta kill him by each one.
  12. lol i saw you change the title -.- nice though, i do this every time i play solo except i dont open the boat so zombies dont come from there.
  13. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gamestop are taking pre-orders starting today! im goin up to preorder and get a sick poster in 2.5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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