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  1. That sounds awesome can't wait. That probably will make me have to get the game now. Hopefully it means will be able to play as the zombies against the other 4 players.
  2. I have to say carbon is the man I love this site as much as I did when I joined right after der reise came out and even though I do not post as much as I once did this site is amazing and I still love it
  3. I do have to agree that this is one of the most important unsolved facts that we still have to find still
  4. Carbon I agree with your decision totally to take down the chat it was getting out of control and I really don't think that it should be brought back for a while
  5. Okay so the map called stadium there is a book with doctor rictofens name on the spine of a book with the words DG-2 and DG-3 the room can be found by going into through the door that has a sign that says Suites 02-09 then you turn right go straight and go through the door to your far left with the desk out front of it go into the room and turn and look at the book shelf the color of the book is sand. so please believe me i don't have anythink to take a picture of it with and i really didn't know if i should put it in this section or blackops general discussion so take my word for it and look for your self and post a picture of it if you can please because i don't have any way to put a picture of it on here
  6. I don't like the fact that blackops has no good sniping maps and i miss what made WaW great one shot sniping now it can take almost a whole clip to kill some one when they took that out call of duty became less fun. Also i do no like the many inapporpriate emblems that i have been seeing
  7. i preordered my copy of black ops there and i live about on e minute from there so this was pretty scary hope i can still get my copy of black ops
  8. I am interested and I am very mature for my age carbon and i have been at codz for over a year
  9. i was looking forward to them so much i thought they would be like in the level all ghilled up then they turned out to suck if they are in blackops i hop it doesn't decrease the damage
  10. no i am no wear as excited for this as i was for mw2
  11. i feeling have them all on my back and using them when i want
  12. i was at round 27 and i was the last one of live of my team the host said if u don't revive me i am restarting i didn't and he restarted the game
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