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  1. I only got this today, go straight to Survival, to be greeted with "The servers are down right now." :x FFS! A week after release and it's broke! Peace out... 8-)
  2. We're PS3 users, Activi$ion don't give two shits about us. Peace out... 8-)
  3. You die from a legit strategy, so report them. Trollolloll? Peace out... 8-)
  4. Recently got into the MW2 groove, after dissing it to much. The Spas-12 is way overpowered, I shotty my way to a vantage point, then snipe with my Barett. That shotgun, huge range, huge power and low recoil. Just went 25-8 on Crash with just the Spas, and got a 9 or so killstreak, which a year ago would've made me jack, came first in 3 of 4 games, and that's good for me. Peace out... 8-)
  5. Split screen sucks. I played Array split screen once online. When I scoped in with th L96a1, it showed the veiw from player 2, with the red dot in the centre. Weird. Peace out... 8-)
  6. Always been there, but I hate the BAR. Peace out... 8-)
  7. Not starting a war, but I think PS3 is more reliable. The only time it ever broke was when playing LBP online, and turned the PS3 off at the plug. All my XBox mates have had RRoD at least once. Peace out... 8-)
  8. How to be a REAL teamplayer? Go play Battlefield instead. XD Peace out... 8-)
  9. Good luck mate. Sure you'll be back in a while. Just look after yourself. Notice how many people at CoDZ are/were depressed and suicidal, this place is a life saver. Anyway, hope to see you soon, and just for you... Peace out... 8-)
  10. You have no idea how long we've known this. Peace out... 8-)
  11. Hi! There's your first [brains] , courtesy of me. Peace out... 8-)
  12. Slow down! Gotta wait for Medal of Honour 2 for that. Peace out... 8-)
  13. Do you just browse the Introductions section, pasting this on them all? Peace out... 8-)
  14. Well it is Infinity Ward. So... Peace out... 8-)
  15. Now over the last few days, I've been playing Moon at my mate's, and I noticed on the loading screen that strange thing flying onto the Moon. Many think it's Hanger 18, but it's rather pyramid shaped, and in the next pic, you see brickwork to the right. I bet it's the Shangri-La pyramid, as Moon takes place after there, as they have the Focussing Stone. Then there's the rumor of rockets coming out the temple. :shock: Peace out... 8-)
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