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  1. i use it to piss off people tubin or spraying with the famas but would really put hacker
  2. galil extended mags, python, scavenger, sleight of hand, second chance
  3. i thought the outline of one of the paintings looks sorta like reznov but its just a thought
  4. lol Did you read the first post in this thread? lol no i did not my bad :lol:
  5. near the nobs theres a small box you can put a number in if you put 5 in it some that sounds like a new random box could be heard
  6. uhm when i went to look at the voice actors there were pictures from a DS game i think its BO and the ppsh from WaW seems to be in it
  7. there is a second generator at the beginning where you start off its to the left of the PaP machine
  8. Pretty Sure the Sniper in the Multiplayer Reveal Trailer is the M40A1. Oh, And I. Want. My. Thompson! thats the sako TRG 42...i think
  9. Are you talking to me or that guy they said might be a fake? im talkin about fentna
  10. one person left clues for you to try to figure out but no one tried hard enough to follow through (ZOMBIES linked to aliens aka element 115)
  11. this atlas gun he is referring to is a kind of magnetic weapon ..i cant remember exactly all of it... ....srry
  12. "(i know im dumb )" - I think you're correct! We agree. i meant it to say if you think the soda can idea was dumb and besides you never know what if these ideas do make it :D
  13. well sir i would say your acting like a A$$hole so why dont you go be a D1CK somehwere else
  14. ...ok it was meant to put in your ideas on what do think they would put in BO that would be cool...
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