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  1. i to believe that the egg is over but i'll give it a try
  2. I'm on the same side of. It's just a video game. LIKE when you are playing a campain and you are a foot soldier and in the next mission you are already flying in a air plane there is no reason to tell you why just so you know you are starting a new lvl and get ready to pwns
  3. Does anyway know a way to always get a ray/thunder gun or the dolls or black wholes, i remember a friend saying something about how if you lay down and double tap why then hit your button you always get something but i don't remember it, anyone have any idea
  4. here is an idea, stop wasting your time on what you think is the next step and just go play, there is no other step
  5. ^fine you have me set on there is no other step, even though i will stay say some part of me WANTS there to be another step. I'll stay with there is no other step ...even though i want there to be more...
  6. yup yup, but idk know why i posted this i dont think there is another step, i just guess a little part of me wants there to be another step
  7. the little doll right about jug, and two floors under where the original box starts there is a doll and i can't remeber witch character i was yesterday but when i clicked X to it the doll said "so do you think you got it" and my character said "oh so there is another secret your are hidding" maybe after you get the death machines everyone runs over to A doll (as in each player goes to there own doll) and clicks X and or trys to shoot it
  8. we were in a private room, so whoever is able to hit the start button is the leader, who ever invites everyone into there room, i also personaly belive that host is always white becasue too me i see people quit that are not white but when white quits the game ends
  9. looked dont see what your talking about
  10. Okay so after the update i tried to get in a room and it didn't work so we all joined up in a private room (my host) we got to round 16 and a message came up that said insignificant amount of players to continue so we tried it another time with someone else's host and the same message poped up at round 16...anyone else get this last night?
  11. yes but you dont shoot cats off on catapault's you shoot rocks, so maybe you didnt shoot zombies off the zombapault you shoot PEOPLE
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