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  1. I've done this alot with nothing out if the ordinary happening. but the other night some one joined at 8 and the next cricket round our tramps just floated up into the sky and chilled there till the round ended. once they came down and we snagged them they stayed put the rest of the game , but the QR doors remained closed, I believe it has to do with the latest patch
  2. That video is of survial mode wich is going to be mw3 version of zombies it will be co-op mode u versus endless waves of soldiers wit upgrades and "killstreaks "
  3. I ment the cork boards that ate spread out on the map, the easiest one to locate is on the way from center - mp5 inside the window on the right there's one
  4. I've been waiting for pc users to release screen shots of the boards on the walls.
  5. Hey y'all I'm a bad ass ps3 player who's lookin for peeps to play on xbox with this week my tamer tag is xbox tag is FRONTROW KILLA , if any one with some good stats wants to play please add me I'd like to get some practice so i can be at the top Of the ps3 boards
  6. Phd= DR pepper. And it might gust be a fancy name for stopping power
  7. I haven't tried solo but I would asume it would be like kino where u just run around in circles altho I have a bad ass strat for 2 or more . First let the peeps on the jug side get to the power ( get guns n perks ) Then unlock the doors from quick revive to speed ( do not unlock the door into the **** please report this topic, post **** ) this is your stronghold. 1 person whatches the window and the others focus on the front ( keep a nice stock pile of Betties behind ya and by the window) I've done 22 there and only reason we failed was becues of ammo issues
  8. Actuly u can log on to your acount frm any ps3 in the world and go to your downloads and redownload it ! It works I've loaded it on my 2 ps3 and my nighbors so he can enjoy it till he has a chance to buy it
  9. The woman reading the numbers is scene in the pentagon as mason walks In to meet kenedy. She's seductivly smoking and holds it in the same way as in the video that plays when you put the disk in. And sophia was German
  10. So My guess asention will be a Russian map based on vorcuta prisson ! And we will get prisson zombies like n deadops ! This has been staring us in the face the whole time!
  11. Good job for bringing all this to the folks who have never researched this topic. I've always been facinated with the subject . Here's a great site with lots of articles and some high quality arwork! http://www.greyfalcon.us enjoy I know I've spent hours here
  12. Yea it made it worse on ps3 ! Droped a teamate every round we actuly played ! I'm just gona shoot zombags till they get it fixed
  13. Rictofen wit an e is right becues of the nuketown Easter egg . If u look at the books on the shelf they are spelled wit an e. The reason pole think wit an A is becues whatever company did the captioning made a mistake but the graphic artists included the corect spelling in the actuL game
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